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jm 09-23-2003 01:19 PM

cure for defensive injuries
Maybe Haz can cure some of these defensive injuries by pretending they aren't as serious as they look. You know like he did last year with a one armed QB.
I remember Sterling Sharp responding to Haz's remarks when questioned by others about the seriousness of Brook's injury. Haz kept saying it was no big problem. Sharp said it sure looks serious to him as well as every other analysts. Then came the big surprise, off season surgery but only after denial for the last 4 games.

BillyCarpenter1 09-23-2003 01:22 PM

cure for defensive injuries
jm -- It wasn\'t serious because Brooks could still throw the ball further with a hurt shoulder than Delhomme on his best day...

[Edited on 23/9/2003 by BillyCarpenter1]

jm 09-23-2003 01:25 PM

cure for defensive injuries
What does the name Delhomme have to do with my statement about Haz being in Denial, Delhomme isn\'t he with Carolina?

BillyCarpenter1 09-23-2003 01:27 PM

cure for defensive injuries
jm -- Just a joke man..... :D

BrooksMustGo 09-23-2003 10:54 PM

cure for defensive injuries
Pssst, Billy.

The Saints don\'t throw the ball deep anymore anyway. It doesn\'t matter with our current playcalling how far Brooks can pitch the ball, he\'s only getting plays within 10 yards.

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