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BillyCarpenter1 09-23-2003 02:32 PM

Good Article from B&G


In three games the Saints have only managed to play 2 full quarters of good football. There have been bright spots, good calls, and some flashes of life. Unfortunately these "bright spots" have been few and far between. Tennessee shut down Deuce last week and Joe Horn seemed almost completely out of the game. Aaron Brooks looked good though and Jerome Pathon had a good showing. TE Ernie Cromwell played well. But, that wasn't enough.

Head Coach Jim Haslett spoke this week and took all the blame for the loss. He said that he and his coaching staff should have been ready and should have gotten the players ready for the Titans.

While it would be easy to rest the lackluster performace squarely on the coaching staff, it is also wrong. I do applaude Jim Haslett for publicly admitting his own faults, however, to blame some of the individual performances (or lack there of) on him is rediculous. The team was not ready for the Titans and it showed.

Well, now that all that negetive narrative is out, lets look ahead.

This week the Saints take on a Colts team that is having a great season thus far. A win won't be easy, but it would give the Saints the confidence they need to keep winning. A win against the Colts would get the Saints heading in the right direction.....Up.

Look for the Saints to turn things around this week. This team is going to be much more prepared for this game. The coaching staff taking blame for last Sundays loss, alone, should tell you how hard they are going to work this week.

The Saints have not showcased it yet (with an exception to the second half against the Texans), but the offense is very explosive. The defense seems to feed off the performance of this unit. Deuce will be a work-horse this week. Aaron Brooks WILL get the ball to Joe Horn. With out these two, the offense is very one-demensional.

The confidence level will get higher with every well played quarter. This team is going to transform this week. These guys are going to do what ever it takes to win this game.

The Saints may be inconsistent, but even more so, they are desperate for a win. Desperate to get the ball rolling in the right direction. You can see it on the players faces. The coaches are frustrated and the fans are getting worried.

What does this all mean?

You are going to see a team fighting tooth and nail Sunday. You are going to see a Saints team that is very mad, very frustrated and very desperate. Sometimes it takes all that to win. Sometimes it takes all that for a team to realize the direction they are headed.

This Sunday, the Saints are going to be playing for respect. Respect for themselves. Respect from their fans and respect from the NFL.

You know what? I bet they'll get it too.

Jeremy Normand

WhoDat 09-23-2003 08:53 PM

Good Article from B&G
I think you wrote this yourself Billy.

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