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BillyCarpenter1 09-24-2003 07:51 AM

My observation on the team:
After watching the first 3 games this is apparant to me that the Saints are not playing the way they should be on offense or defense. This is what I think Haslett's game plan is each week for the Saints:

Offensive Plan
On offense he wants to establish the run and pass only when neccessary. He wants to control the line of scrimmage and by doing this he beleives he can control the clock and keep the defense off the field.

Opposing teams defense is calling a lot of run blitzes and their goal is stop the run on the way to the QB. This is being successful because our offensive line is allowing too much penetration in the backfield and is disrupting both running and passing plays.

What needs to happen:
Offense needs to come out in 3 and 4 receiver sets to spread the defense. This will open up running lanes for Deuce and create mis-matches on our receivers.

Defensive Plan:
The number 1 goal is to stop the run, which they have had some success at doing. The problem is that Venturi has the corners playing back off the line of scrimmage too far and is WILLINGLY giving up the short stuff.

This is allowing the opposing offense to move right down the field and eat away at the clock, keeping our offense off the field.


Needs to play the conrnes closer to the receives and call more blitzes. Whether we have the personel on defense or not is irrelevant. What he is doing is not working and I believe that this defense MUST be more aggressive. He needs to understand that his plan on defense is NOT working.

Summary: If the ofrense can come out and get a big lead it will dictate that the opposing team's offense MUST throw the ball. Our defense will not be put in situations where the opposing teams offense can mix up the run and pass at will, thus giving the defense an advantage.

Anyone agree or disagree and do you think Haz and Co. will change?

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BigBull45 09-24-2003 07:59 AM

My observation on the team:
Hey Billy,I posted an article in another thread that might shed a little light on the Haslett situation.Check it out!The article is called Word On The Street.

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