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whodatsaintsfan26 10-15-2002 03:01 PM

week 7 pics
Dallas over Ari
Carolina ver Atl
Jacksonville over Baltimore
Chicago over Detroit
Cleveland over houston
denver over K.C.
Green bay over Wash
Buffalo over miami
minnesota over Jets
N.O. over S.F.
Oakland over S.D.
phi over T.B.
seattle over Stl
indy over pit

7-4 last week looking good

saintz08 10-16-2002 10:52 AM

week 7 pics
The cellar dweller speaks .

Arizona over Dallas
Atlanta over Carolina
Jacksonville over Baltimore
Detroit over Chicago
Cleveland over Houston
Denver over K.C.
Green bay over Washington
Buffalo over Miami
Jets over Minnesota
New Orleans over 49ers
San Diego over Raiders
Philadelphia over Tampa
St. Louis over Seattle
Indy over Pitt

6-6 hopefully I am out of the doghouse on this one .

SaintStoneyMount 10-16-2002 04:36 PM

week 7 pics
Here we go again. Did we get all the games this week. I still can\'t believe I left off two games last week.

Saints over San Fran :D
Arizona over Dallas
Atlanta over Carolina :exclam:
Baltimore over Jacksonville :exclam:
Chicago over Detroit
Cleveland over Houston
KC over Denver :o
Green Bay over Washington ;)
Miami over Buffalo :exclam:
Jets over Minnesota :casstet:
San Diego over Oakland :o
Philadelphia over Tampa :)
St Louis over Seattle :mad:
Pittsburgh over Indy :exclam:

Okay last week I was 8-4...Hope I can stay on top but you know how wacky the NFL is.

billyh1026 10-16-2002 08:56 PM

week 7 pics
Ok, here we go...

Zona over Dallas
Atl over Carolina
Jacksonville over Baltimore
Detroit over Chicago
Cleveland over Houston
K.C. over Denver
Green bay over Wash (bet of the week...take the over whatever it is)
Miami over Buffalo
Minnesota over Jets
S.F. over N.O. (I always jinx\'em when I pick\' I gota pick da 9\'ers)
Oakland over S.D.
Tampa over Phi
Seattle over Stl
Pit over Indy

whodatsaintsfan26 10-21-2002 05:44 PM

week 7 pics
Saintz08 comes back with a vengance. 12-1 wow. My 6-7 was bad.

SaintStoneyMount 10-22-2002 09:59 AM

week 7 pics
Good deal Saintz08. My 11-3 puts me even with you so far. How did the rest of you do.



[Edited on 25/10/2002 by SaintStoneyMount]

billyh1026 10-23-2002 03:30 PM

week 7 pics
The kid here had a 6-7 record last week..OUCH...hope my picks are better this week.

SaintStoneyMount 10-24-2002 08:30 PM

week 7 pics
Hey I miscounted. I was 11-3 last week not 10-3. That puts me at 19-7 still on top
One up on Saintz08 who finished last week at 12-2 after Monday night. (Sorry Saintz08 but Pittsburgh did you in)

Doesn\'t matter though. If Saintz08 keeps picking like last week, he\'ll blow me out the water real quick.

saintz08 10-24-2002 09:16 PM

week 7 pics
Hey don\'t we get an official status report on these picks ?? We need to get a moderator to post our records ....

We also need an official run Ricky countdown .

SaintStoneyMount 10-24-2002 10:14 PM

week 7 pics
That\'s a great idea man. How many has Ricky got now?

Do you think Miami will limit his yards as he nears the total.

I heard that on ESPN

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