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BigBull45 09-24-2003 07:51 AM

Word On The Street !

Tuesday, September 23, 2003 Word on the Street
By Joshua Branning - Staff Writer - 8:30 pm CST

Word on the Street
When Jim Haslett took over the Saints he laughed at former head coach Mike Ditka's roster of misfits and over achievers. Claiming he could get players off the street that were more talented. Well the Saints have come full circle, because now that we have a new decision maker in Haslett there are guys on the street that can easily come in and contribute and maybe even start for the greatness that is Jim Haslett.

CB/FS Ryan McNeil- The old man might not have a whole lot left, but he can easily start at nickelback for the Saints and this defensive backfield needs more size to matchup with the new breed of big and tall WR's.

DE/LB Shurron Pierson- Got caught up in a numbers game in Oakland, but he has the raw physical ability to shine at the buck end position. Is he a complete LB... nope, but he can provide a pass rush and this defense cannot get to the QB right now.

CB/FS Doug Evans- Evans was "Toast" last year at CB, but at FS he might have something left. Either way a tall DB must be added. Because with Dale Carter out this team is just not capable of matching up with big WR's.

LB Darren Hambrick- Is he a money player with character concerns??? Yep... thats why he's still out there, but he has starting experience and a nose for the ball. So beggars can't be choosers.

LB Raynoch Thompson- A great athlete that has just never been able to put together a consistent package. Still his ability to run sideline to sideline would be an upgrade over some of the guys the saints have.

DE Reinard Wilson- When focused his athletic ability is great, but despite talent his cap number cost him a job. If used properly in the right scheme (we have no discernible scheme so changing it wouldn't be terribly hard) Wilson can tally 8 sacks a year.

LB/DE John Thierry- Thierry is getting up there in age, but his veteran leadership would do wonders for this defense and his ability to pressure the QB would be a new sensation for Saints fans. If he can pass the physical then signing would be a no brainer for a more astute Coach.

Haslett will more than likely not sign any of the above, or anyone for that matter, because that would mean admitting he is wrong. This ego, though temporarily pacified due to his lack of job security, has handcuffed a very talented scouting department. Because no matter how many times Haslett is encouraged to consider a player he simply nods and goes with his guys anyway. Disagreeing is basically firing yourself... How can people feel comfortable with their true opinions if they are afraid of being terminated? This has established a very narrow viewpoint of success and narrow minded behavior led to the Ditka Ages of Saintdom.

In the Wake of Blake

Jeff Blake's resurrection of the Arizona Cardinals offense has been fun to watch. Because Blake did the same thing for the Saints not so long ago. Then he went down with an injury allowing then young gun Aaron Brooks a chance to shine. Brooks led the Saints to a playoff win and Blake's injury pushed him to second fiddle. Which is commonplace in todays NFL.

Haslett then publicly proclaimed that "No player can lose their job to injury." This was strictly a bad public relations move because the front office had already decided to go with the younger and more explosive Brooks, and rightfully so, but to put on this facade of competition only served to divide the locker room and begin Haslett's do one thing say another approach to football. This is when Haslett's credibility with the players began to slowly perish and is now dead.

Just ask former FB Brian Milne, DT Norman Hand, or countless others on how much stock they put into Haslett's word.

Playing with Heart

The play of CB Fred Thomas has been one of the lone bright spots of a terrible defense. Despite his job being given to Ashley Ambrose, for no other reason than justification of bad off-season moves, Thomas never gave up and played hard every down he made it into the game. Now with Dale Carter's injury, Thomas has moved back into the starting lineup full time and has proven to all of his critics that he should have been starting from day one.


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[Edited on 24/9/2003 by BigBull45]

[Edited on 24/9/2003 by BigBull45]

BigBull45 09-24-2003 08:03 AM

Word On The Street !
Any thoughts on this acessment of Jim Haslett\'s coaching?I definitely believe we need a GM who can evaluate talent and will have the last word on who comes and who goes.

[Edited on 24/9/2003 by BigBull45]

FWtex 09-24-2003 08:41 AM

Word On The Street !
I saw this article also but kinda dismissed it. To me the article is nothing but complete speculation and the opinion of the author. None of the players he listed do anything for me.

Now the part of Haslett losing credibility I do concurr with. I\'ve been under the impression he is two faced and mentally insecure for a couple yrs myself. I don\'t think the players have confidence in his desire to win and that is backed up with his insistance to play an injured Brooks when many players went directly to the coach and asked for him to pull Brooks because he could not throw the ball.

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