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SaintNik 09-25-2003 11:23 PM

Some of you so called fans have already sold out on this team. Shame! Shame! A true fan of a team never gives up hope, savors victories and stomachs defeats. A true fan supports his team each game every year, regardless of team record. Every man inside of a uniform on gameday should not be viewed as an individual human but as an action figure representative of the franchise. Some of you should be reminded that this is a SPORT, the team members PLAY a GAME which you should find enjoyment in this form of ENTERTAINMENT. Call me crazy but I stay in my seat at the dome until the game goes final every week, win or lose. I paid for the full show and I take it in. I do the same when they play on the road and I watch on tv. On that subject, I have never understood the desire to leave early as if you actually BEAT the traffic or have something to do so bad that 15-30 minutes will make that much of a difference. Believe me when I say that few others feel more disheartened on BLACK mondays and few have a bigger shine on their face on GOLDen mondays. It's o.k. to vent frustrations when your team loses but it should be tempered with hope and positive enthusiasm to do better the next week. Constant bashing without words of encouragement makes me wonder if some of you really enjoy when this team loses so that you can spread words of doom and gloom. I hope you don't raise your children this way.

The last time I checked we were only one game out of 1st place with 13 games remaining and a chance to give each rival team within our division 2 losses each.

I'll be in the dome sunday night till the end. I hope we have a packed house and rock the roof off of the dome. I realize it won't get over until late and some folks have a long drive so it may be difficult to attend. If you have tickets that you won't be using please make an effort to get them in the hands of someone that will attend and represent. Let's show the nation our spirit and what makes our loyal fans the greatest.

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BillyCarpenter1 09-25-2003 11:25 PM


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