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JudeThaddeus 09-28-2003 09:41 PM

Predictable and Painful to Watch
If possible, I believe we are getting worse as the year progresses. I know that injuries contribute to this, but the few bright spots I have seen this year are going out one by one.

1) Ernie Conwell. What the heck happened to this guy this week? All of a sudden he can't catch balls that hit him in the hands. The first few games, he seemed to be a really excellent safety valve, but today I would really have second thoughts going to him.

2) Aaron Brooks. This year he has looked good, making good decisions and trying to make something happen when nothing is working. Today, he is not so good. He is looking right at his receiving target throughout the entire play - from snap to throw. Not hard for a DB to make a break in that situation. AB is not even paying attention to the direction blitzes are coming from. I see a few sacks coming in the second half.

Deuce still looks good but I am starting to wonder how long he is going to be healthy when he has to carry the entire team. Before the start of the season, I had the Saints at 9-7. I am now thinking we will have a hard time coming out of this year 7-9. I am not giving up hope, but the team is not improving - that makes it hard to win games.

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