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JudeThaddeus 09-29-2003 06:20 AM

"When" am I?
I feel like I've time-warped back to the days when you were denegrated for being a Saints fan. You all remember, I am sure, those pathetic seasons wherein our boys in black-and-gold couldn't seem to do ANYTHING right. One bungle after another, and the games just seem to last forever. The team plays their second string because they don't need their starters, etc.

As I was sitting here waiting for work to start, I started thinking about who in the NFL I could actually say was a worse team than the Saints. I wanted to say the Bengals right away (everyone talks trash about the Bengals), but they actually won yesterday. Here is my short list of teams I think we are better than:


I was gonna add the Texans to the above list, but I think that game was a fluke. By definition it was as we have played the other three games consistently. Can anyone else think of anyone else we are better than?

nocloning 09-29-2003 07:58 AM

"When" am I?
Just 4 weeks of regular season play can turn the perception of a realist from pessimist to optimist. Worse teams:
Atlanta (maybe they\'ll get something going when the messiah returns, but right now they look flat as a doormat)
+ your 2

I\'ll have to admit these are all close calls though.

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