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jared21 09-29-2003 07:44 AM

Jim said this defense was you call this a defen
This might be the worse defense i've seen in my 21 years on this earth. They can't defend the pass to save their lives. I think manning was 20-25 and those 5 passes one was b.c a saints player made a play i think bellamy hit pollard and he dropped it but even then he was wide open but got hit hard and couldn't hold on. I really have no words for how bad our defense is! What bout yall is this the worse defense ever..venturi you got to go and go fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BillytheSaint 09-29-2003 10:50 AM

Jim said this defense was you call this a defen
Just before the season opened I asked everyone if they thought that this team was prepared to play ball. No one even replied. I guess they were afraid to face the reality that the coaching staff isn\'t ready to run a team. They have bright spots but the game management is not working. The schemes Offensive and Defensive are predictable and inept. The reliance on the players to out play the opponents individually is the key to our opponents finding mismatches and taking advantage of them. We need Offensive and Defensive schemes that use guile and mis direction to give our guys an advantage over the opposition. Just lining up and banging it out is silly. I know the defense is banged up but defense is the key to pro football why, after all this time do we have such an inept D. Is it because we dumped a lot of starters over the years? Look at all the former saints starting all over the league. :casstet:

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