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whodatsaintsfan26 10-16-2002 09:59 PM

once again left out in the cold
from power rankings
1. Miami (5-1; last week: 3) ... Winning in Denver was huge, but losing Jay Fiedler could have greater consequences in the long run.

2. Green Bay (5-1; last week: 4) ... As long as they have Brett Favre and Ahman Green, the Packers can overcome defensive injuries.

3. Oakland (4-1; last week: 1) ... The Raiders should have been ready for that St. Louis ambush.

4. Denver (4-2; last week: 2) ... This team had better regroup quickly from its emotional loss to Miami, because the Chiefs pose a tremendous challenge.

5. Tampa Bay (5-1; unchanged) ... Defense-driven success will be tested in Philadelphia.

6. San Diego (5-1; last week: 7) ... Winning a shootout vs. Kansas City is a great way to prepare for the Raiders.

7. San Francisco (4-1; last week: 8) ... Niners keep moving closer to the dominant offense they were expected to have from the start of the season.

8. New Orleans (5-1; last week: 9) ... After abusing a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, the Saints' defense has its hands full this week against San Francisco.

9. Philadelphia (3-2; last week: 6) ... The Tampa Bay game is pivotal in determining the Eagles' place among the NFC's best.

10. Indianapolis (4-1; last week: unranked) ... Great start, but what's wrong with the offense?

11. Jacksonville (3-2; unchanged) ... Injuries could trip up a promising surge.

12. Arizona (3-2; last week: unranked) ... Facing Dallas in the desert, the Cardinals have a chance to get on a little roll.

Still 2 teams the saints beat ahead of them. With the way things are going after the Saints beat the 49ers the Saints will drop down to #10 and SF will move up to #4

saintz08 10-17-2002 12:33 AM

once again left out in the cold
Do not get me wrong , I am a Saints fan tried and true . The team shows too many inconsistencies to really deserve a high power ranking . They have managed the wins , but how many times have they been consistent ?? Offense is up and the defense is down . Defense is up and the offense is down . If the Saints can pull a couple 30 - 0 games off then most will come around . Until then they see the one great effort that saved the game ...

Beerman last week
Knight the previous week

The players are there , the consistency is not .

whodatsaintsfan26 10-17-2002 01:32 AM

once again left out in the cold
You are right saintz08, but what team hasnt showed inconsistency? The Packers lost to the saints and should have lost to Carolina. The Bucs lost to the Saints and havent beaten a team with a winning record yet this year. San Francisco has struggled on offense the whole year and now the defense took a hit with Bronson going down. San Diego got blasted by Denver, and had to come from behind to beat K.C. Denver had a let down game the same week and struggled against Buffalo. Oakland lost to an 0-5 team (granted a talented 0-5 team). I know the ratings mean nothing, but I dont see how without a dominating team in the league and the schedule that the Saints have played you could possibly rate them 8 th in the league and 4th in the NFC. Not to mention the fact that they have beat every NFC team ranked above them except SF.

saintfan 10-17-2002 09:07 AM

once again left out in the cold
You got it right \"whodat\". NO ONE has had anywhere NEAR the schedule the Saints have been forced to play. I know that these polls are just polls, and every one is different, but if you consider the schedule and the fact that we\'ve beat all the NFC teams ahead of us (49ers are next) this particular poll is hard to swallow.

saintz08 10-17-2002 11:16 AM

once again left out in the cold
Well it\'s that on any given Sunday theory . The top 5 teams have something that voters can hang their hats on .

Gannon and the high powered offense
Favre and the offense
Miami and Denver solid D\'s
Tampa big Defense

In games towards the end , the Saints lack the killer instinct . Those opposing offenses just seem to almost come back and the Saints offense seems to stall out . When a voter can see nothing other than a rock solid butt whipping of another team , the votes will come .....

SaintStoneyMount 10-17-2002 01:12 PM

once again left out in the cold
The truth of the matter is these rankings are not very reliable. It seems that a lot of weight is givin to name recognition and history. Tom Jackson ranks the Saints #2 Dr. Z ranks the Saints # 4 and the New York Times ranks the Saints #1. So what\'s up with Carucci\'s power rankings. Bottom line is no team has every received a superbowl trophy based on power rankings. I bet last February every \"expert\" had the Pats as number one...or was it the Lambs. The only numbers that really matters is the number of wins a team can get. And the only thing that should matter to the Saints right now is beating the 49ers

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