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saint5221 09-29-2003 11:06 AM

Another rebuilding year
Benson needs to perform another total cleansing of the whole front office. Was'nt next year supposed to be the year we put the final touches on our superbowl run, add those last few players to go over the top? Instead we face another rebuilding year with another new coach. The only thought worse is if we don't.

I'm sick as a fan of this team to see this. It's the worst kind of football there is, talent wasteing, underachieving, inept stupidity. The optimism of a few month ago seems like a cruel joke now. As much as I railed against some of the poor personel decisions, I never dreamed it was this bad. Haslett has completely lost control of this team. Every week I think it can not get any worse and like the nightmare this season is becoming, it does.

I pose these questions to all, how hard will it be to turn this team around? How deep will the cuts have to go to make this team a winner? What talent is salvable with a better coach and what just must go?

Deuce McAllister, The franchise
Joe Horn: gettig older but still the man
Jarome Pathon tough solid reciver not a star but just the guy you need to win
Ernie Conwell best tight end we have had in years
LeCharles Bently Charles Grant, Johnathan Sullivan, emerging talent
Thats it as far as who our definate returners should be .

Aaron Brooks: the droped balls, lack of vision and inability to read defenses counteract his strong arm and mobility. Right coach and system though and he could be worth it
Darren Howard: constant injuries keep him off the above list
Donte Stallworth: constant injuries and drops a big problem, tough to give up on such talent so early though
Mel Mitchel: Hard to tell with out giving him a chance to play
Grady Jackson: weight and attitude make him iffy but his play has been solid so far
Michel Lewis:Still a weapon but still only a returner with not the best hands
Sedrick Hodge: gets here by benefit of doubt and talent, was starting to look better before injury

Must Go:
Haslett, McCarthy and Venturi
Tebucky Jones: worst move Haslett made
Ashley Ambrose: to old, to slow just bad
Dale Carter; to old plus one more strike and he is out of football ,just a matter of time before he gets caught again
Wane Gandy: Haslett's second biggest mistake to much money for his production
Fred Thomas; too small,plays with heart and can tackle but does'nt match up aginst top recivers
Terrell Smith: Can not catch and is not that great of a blocker
Jay Bellamy: is playing better at SS but still not good enough

As to the rest several can play and would contribute but would be no great loss either, just up to the new coach and system. Tops among those I would put Kenny Smith ,Willie WhiteHead, Derrick Rodgers, Melvin Williams, Jon Stinchcomb, Kendal Jacox, Mitch Berger, John Carney and Kajana Carter who seemed to run well.

To those who feel this is premature and out of line, just let me grieve, this makes me feel better .

BrooksMustGo 09-29-2003 04:52 PM

Another rebuilding year
If we\'re going to rebuild, let\'s bulldoze the existing structure and start over.

Dump the ENTIRE coaching staff, retain NO ONE and hire NO ONE with ANY history with this club.

Regardless of whether you think he sucks or not, TRADE BROOKS, he will generate the most interest and some goofy coach will give away their entire draft to get his worthless behind. Give real thought to trading Stallworth, he again will give good value in draft picks on a trade. Get what we can out of t-sucky, maybe we could get a 5th rounder.

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