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jared21 09-29-2003 11:27 AM

someone please anwser this question?
I'm in total shock at how since the last tampa bay game this team has gone to what looked like a serious playoff contender to an expansion team. Does anyone have an anwser??????????

blake6900 09-29-2003 11:59 AM

someone please anwser this question?
Yes, I have an answer. Jim Haslett and his coaching staff. It\'s that simple. Haslett got the team to the playoffs with what was for all intents and purposes Mike Ditka\'s team (it was Haslett\'s first year, after all) and they\'ve gotten steadily worse each year since.

That\'s the reality and while there are plenty of people here who want to continue to make excuses for this player or that player, the fact is, for the most part, the coaching staff chooses who\'s on this team and who\'s not. If the players suck, the coaches are the one\'s who put them there.

Some of the decisions that Haslett and Co. have made defy logic. Didn\'t they know Aaron Brooks had the mental capacity of a slug? Didn\'t they know Tebucky Jones would not fit into the Saints\' defensive scheme?

It\'s time to get rid of this coaching staff and start over...

BlackandBlue 09-29-2003 12:00 PM

someone please anwser this question?
If you look real hard, there are answers all over this site. People here do a good job of tearing the game down, and they\'ve been doing it since the season started. If there was an easy answer, then everyone would know, and the coaching staff would have already addressed it.
Sweet mother mary, there\'s more drama round here right now than an episode of \"Days of Our Lives.\" Most here overrated this team (I\'m guilty of it too). Now it\'s time for these folks to sit back and take this team for what it is- \"average\". We have a few stars on this team, but they are overshadowed by the not so good players. Take in the dose of reality that hit me while watching the game last night. Under the present coaching staff, this team will be mediocre, and there\'s not a damn thing we can do about except continue to watch and root for the team, or don\'t, I don\'t care, and neither do these guys (The Saints team).

JOESAM2002 09-29-2003 12:17 PM

someone please anwser this question?
I think it\'s coaching. This team has a lot of talent but the coachs don\'t have a clue how to use it.

BillyCarpenter1 09-29-2003 12:20 PM

someone please anwser this question?

I think it\'s coaching. This team has a lot of talent but the coachs don\'t have a clue how to use it.
I agree. I\'ve seen good coaches get better results with a lot less talent.

Look at the Bucs. They have no talent on offense and Gruden gets it done.. ;)

saintz08 09-29-2003 12:21 PM

someone please anwser this question?
Taken from another site :

Has some good points .....


Haslett will be remembered by me for mainly the following, roughly in chronological order:

--When asked by a reporter as the newly hired coach what he thought his inheirted team\'s stong point\'s were Haslett said, \"Obviously the offensive line. They are one of the best.\" Did he watch any of the Ditka era? The interior line of Fontenot, Wally Williams and Chris Naeole got manhandled repeatedly. Some of this was due to the Danny A high school scheme but some was also due to the fact that they were weak run blockers.

The running game did improve under Haslett, but at times it also disappeared and the weaknesses were always in the interiror (before Roaf\'s injury). He talked up his O-line repeatedly and then proceeded to ship out Naeole and Williams and bring in more help. It looked like he had somehting for a while in 2002...

--Winning the first playoff game in history against the defending Super Bowl champs and seeming to field a fiery and agressive team.

--Treating Jeff Blake like garbage by lying to him and telling him he would have a \"chance to compete\" with Brooks and then never allowing him take the field with the starting unit over the entire pre-season. He handed the job to Brooks based on an incomplete season and violated the \"you don\'t lose your job to injury\" rule. Here, too, we saw the beginning of the coddling of Brooks by the way Haslett never allowed Blake to be in a position to compete with Brooks or to make any plays.

Blake, a seasoned veteran coming off of a nasty foot injury, was insulted and humiliated in the pre-season by being put behind the 2nd and 3rd string offensive lines, where he had to run for his life.

--Haslett\'s rumored liasons with a Saints cheerleader. Much smoke there but we never found out what kind of fire there was if any.

--His boldface lie to Brian Milne, whom he looked in the eye and assured a roster spot, only to uncerimoniously release him shortly thereafter.

--His alienation of Willie Roaf, one of the classiest players in Saints history. I don\'t know the inside scoop here but it seems that Haslett really P.O.\'d Willie.

--Promising Tom Ackerman a starting spot if he stayed on and then reneging. Ackerman finally moved on and then panned Haslett as two-faced.

--His failure to ensure that an adequate backup existed for Willie Roaf. Haslett used a BACKUP Right Guard -- Daryl Terrell -- who was obviously too slow to handle that critical porisition for several consecutive weeks. This exercise in futility left Brooks pressured constantly and serioulsy hampered his performance in 2001. Yet it went on week after week with no attempt to rectify the situation. We all know how well Brooks responds to pressure and nothing was done to alleviate that pressure.

I forget who the backup RT was at the time but, remember, Turley is more of a natural LT and has played there. Rather than swing Turley over to plug that leak and work out a solution for RT, Haslett left Terell out there for about 6-7 consecutive weeks while he was beat like a drum and the season slipped away.

--Overall inconsistent play of his teams.

--Developing a \"deer in the headlights\" look of exasperation and disbelief as his standard sideline demeanor. Great for instilling confidence, calm and discipline in his players!

--His fascination with constantly berating Refs with a stream of \"F-bombs.\"

--Developing a child-like fascination with the possibilities of the two point conversion. Was he really reading the 2 point reference chart upside down the whole time?

--Failing to back Kyle Turley at least in part for his efforts to protect his QB when Damien Robinson nearly tore Brooks head off. Apparently making Turley look like the bad guy in the whole incident. Turley lost it for sure, but at least he made an effort. Haslett had NO words of consolation or understanding on any level for him. This is primarliy, I beleive, because he saw that is prize QB was too meek to gain Turley\'s respect and that Turley was eclipsing him.

--Eventually coming down on Turley for attempting to lead his team and light a fire under Brooks, who was backpeddling into the outside rush repeatedly. Turley lectured Brooks repeatedly on the sideline after screw-ups. Haslett determined that Turley was over-shadowing his deisgnated \"leader.\" Don\'t kid yourselves. This is why Turley was shipped out. Haslett wnted the whole team made safe for Aaron Brooks and Brooks was uncomfortable with Turley.

--His failure to motivate his team in the final weeks of 2001 and presiding over an utter collapse -- the worst 4 week collapse in NFL HISTORY, the team succuming by a combuined margin of something like 100+ points to 20+. All this while in contention for a playoff spot.

-- statements like \"Ricky Williams is our guy and we think he is our future\", right up to trading him.

--Promoting Rick Venturi to DC after the departure of Zook when Venturi has failed EVERYWHERE he has gone.

--Beating Tampa twice, but unable to muster enough motivation to beat the likes of Detroit.

-- seeing his fiery and agressive trademark of 2000 gradually give way to inconsistency, lack of pressure on the QB and playing scared and heartless, especially on D.

--Again in 2002 fielding a team that put up points and yards in chunks but also often started games slowly and inconsistently and failed to start playing until the 3rd quarter.

--Dying his hair gold to match his team apparel.

--Telling bold face lies to the fans and media about the health of his QB last year and then stubbornly refusing to use a perfectly capable backup to secure the one victory required to get into the playoffs in three consecutive games against losing teams -- the Bengals among them. Basically, sticking with an injured QB and presiding over a second consecutive monumental season ending collpase.

--Blaming the fans for the collapse because they had the temerity to demand the coach do the right thing and bench the injured QB. They voiced their displeasure vocally -- just as any fans do, see Philadelphia -- and Haslett balmes them for the losses.

--The maddening inconsistency of beating the bucs yet losing to the likes of the Bengals, Detroit, Carolina, etc when the playoffs werte on the line.

--Taking the unprecedented step of producing a highlight (lowlight) film reel for the mdeia that showed up the mistakes of his players other than Brooks in order to coddle and protect Brooks. Who coached and prepared all these other players who failed to do their jobs? Did anyone in the mdia say something like, \"well, cioach, we see that it wasn\'t ALL Aaron\'s fault but why did all these other players play so poorly?\"

--Gutting and re-jiggering the defense for the third consecutive season for the 2003 campaign. Sending Norman hand to Seattle for a 6th round pcik without so much as a \"see \'ya.\"

--Presiding over a team of sleepwalkers who play with almost no emotion.

--Talling us that \"we just need to clean a few things up.\" and that \"we are not game planning.\"

-- Seeing his \"deer in the headlight\'s\"/\"howcan this be happening\"/\"losing my cool\" sideline demeanor morph into a zombie-like state of resignation. On the plus side he seems to get along beter weith the refs now...

--Nationally televised embarassments.

WhoDat 09-29-2003 10:03 PM

someone please anwser this question?

I think it\'s coaching. This team has a lot of talent but the coachs don\'t have a clue how to use it.

I agree. I\'ve seen good coaches get better results with a lot less talent.
Yet you still trust this Saints coaching staff, that you are now ripping, in their claims that Brooks truly is a top 5 QB... or can be... ?? Why is that Billy? This coaching staff has been right about two players in my opinion - Horn and McAllister. Those are the only sure things so far. Meuller signed those players. Loomis signed him to a 6 year 36 million dollar contract. Haslett named him the unquestionable starter... the guys who are responsible for the poop you see on the field every Sunday... yet you believe them when they say Brooks will be a star.

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