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alsaints113 09-29-2003 01:48 PM

Here's to the 2004 season!!
Here's an interesting bit of insight. When Jim Haslett took over as head coach, he inherited Mike Ditka's team. They were 6-1 under Jeff Blake and then Aaron Brooks finished off the season 10-6 if I remember right. We won the division title and spanked the Rams to get our first ever playoff win. Those were the days huh? Since then, Randy Meuller has been fired for stupid reasons. And over the last three years, we have seen the removal of the entire system that Ditka had established. Not only that but great players not brought on by Ditka (Joe Johnson, LAROI GLOVER, Mark Fields) The last straw was the trading of our adrenaline booster Kyle Turley, again for STUPID reasons. So in the end our team has been in decline as the system Ditka built has been slowly removed. This year is Jim Hasletts own team entirely. It is clear that these players don't fit the system the coaches have designed. The players Ditka had brought on did! Why stray from what works???? That is what the Saints organization has done exactly the last three years. Now we are left with a shell of our former team and have to bag our heads once again. Las night I thought I was watching the Colts taking on Tulane. I like to pride myself as being one of the biggest Saints fans around. Unfortunately, this year is the first time that I have ever not looked ofrward to next weeks game. I had high hopes all offseason and a quarter of the way through I don't care about football and eagerly await my San Antonio Spurs championship defense against the Los Angeles Rapists and Old washed up Veterans. In my opinion Venturi should be fired, and whoever had the brilliant idea of trading or not re-signing all our best players over the last few years should be fired too (if it was Benson, his fat ass can go back to being a car dealer!)

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