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creole_t 09-29-2003 05:48 PM

Possible Backlash
I expect to rock the boat with this post, but the backlash really wont bother me none.

Are the Saints struggling right now? Yes they are...but I'd much rather them struggle early and work out the kinks so they can finish strong than start 8-2 and give out in the end. Call it optimism if you will, but we'll get through this.

It really bothers me that a lot of people are so quick to write off the season and key personnel in the organization. Think about it this way...would you rather have a bad team or no team? I bet plenty of people in Los Angeles would root their hearts out for this team.

I like to listen to other teams radio stations and see what their people are saying about them. It's comical to me that we seem like the only team that batters the hell out of the organization. I won't deny that there are some problems, but what's so different than previous seasons? I've rooted for the Saints when they were really bad, and when they seemed on the verge of being a great team.

In my opinion, we should just roll with the punches and support OUR team before we give them a reason to leave. If I got "booed" everytime I stepped on the field, I don't think I'd want to give it my all. Fan support is what drives a team to greatness. Look at Green Bay this year, they are struggling just the you think they've given up?

These are just my thoughts I felt like venting out. Do what you will with them.

BrooksMustGo 09-29-2003 05:59 PM

Possible Backlash
Again, any chance that New Orleans could buy Benson out, kind of like the Packers organization?

creole_t 09-29-2003 07:32 PM

Possible Backlash
It\'s all good Gator, like I said, I expected to get some backlash on this one.

At the time I wrote it, I was just sick of the negativity towards the Saints. I still am, but I\'m not naive. I realize we have problems. I could sit here and make excuses all night for the poor play, but there\'s no need to as it wouldn\'t help. The jist of my post was that I would rather root for a bad team that I have grown up cheering for my entire life as opposed to booing them.

I\'m not about rewarding them for poor playing, but I am against kicking them when they are down. We are not alone as a 1-3 team that had higher expectations. Call me foolish if you want, but I\'ve rooted just as hard for worse Saints teams that had NO chance of turning it around. If we finish the season 1-15, I will still not dog this team. That\'s just me, I in no way am asking anyone else to follow my footsteps, I just felt like making this known.

saintz08 09-29-2003 07:41 PM

Possible Backlash
Creole T

Got only 1 bad thing to say in backlash to you post .

Bury that Los Angeles thought in the backyard .

Here is why :

1. History dictates Los Angeles is the most ungreatful city on the planet to a losing franchise . Check with the Rams and Raiders organization if you want references to that thought .
2. Rumor has 2 other teams attempting to get attention in that market spot , San Diego Chargers and the Arizona Cardinals . Both rationalize this with some local fan bases , and Cardinals would get the nod over the Chargers with the N.F.L. based upon attendance .
3. City of Los Angeles is unwilling to support any N.F.L. venture because they are currently over budget and are having trouble paying their own people .
4. State of California is in the middle of a recall election and the leading candidate is going for a total audit of all expenses to reestablish the budget .

California is not an option for the Saints at the current moment , unless Benson wants to build his own Stadium and risk the same problems that both the Rams and Raiders had .

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