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BigBull45 09-29-2003 07:39 PM

Haslett Press Conferences Useless!
Everytime Haslett gets asked a question,he gets tongue tied.He says they can't analyze why the team is losing,they just need to get a win.How in the hell can you fix a problem when you don't even know what the problem is?He keeps saying they just didn't play well.Tell us something we don't know.What we want to know is why aren't they playing well?He says he can't analyze that,but he's going to fix what ever is wrong.Yeah right! He also said he didn't blame the fans for leaving.He said he felt like leaving in the third quarter,but he couldn't.Boy,that says alot about your coach.He basically packed it in in the third.That's not a very good message to send the players.When the chips are down,give up.

Joe Horn has opinions about what's wrong,but he said they don't pay him to say what's wrong and what's not.That was. very professional of him.Deuce said that injuries are no excuse,you've still got to line up and play every week.

I understand that they had a team meeting after the game to talk about the problems.There's definitely some internal problems here.

Haslett is in the pressure cooker and we're about to find out what he's made of.So far he isn't handling it very well.I'm tellin ya,something had better give soon or it's gonna get really stinky around here.This organization doesn't have a clue.The Pop Warner League is more organized than this. :casstet:

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