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FWtex 09-30-2003 09:46 AM

Garbage in, Garbage out
This is the expression used by computer programmers right? Well that is what we have with the saints.

Haslett has taken the right of the players to have an opinion so that they are nothing more than his computer robots on the field. He got rid of every player that was a voice on the team and stifled the voice of the rest of them, even Joe Horn. I read a quote from horn when asked what he thought was wrong with the team. he said something to the effect, "its not my job to know what is wrong".

It does not appear the players have a single ounce of voice when it comes to playing the game. They are told "just do what I tell you". This is what kills playing with fire and passion. Anyone see any players going to coaches on the sidelines expressing ideas for something they are seeiing on the playing field?

I think the coaching staff created the great divide among themselves and the players. Further evidence of this comes straight out of Hasletts mouth after the last two games. After the Tenn game he said the coaching staff lost that game. After the colts game he made sure to say the players lost the game, not the coaches. Tell me, IS THIS THE "TEAM" TALK YOU EXPECT TO HEAR FROM A HEAD COACH?

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TheOriginalSwampdog 09-30-2003 10:19 AM

Garbage in, Garbage out
I agree. It\'s like the Turley situation. Everyone kept saying he was a violitile personality in the lockerroom! WHAT! Isn\'t that what we want? If Turley was bullying other players than Haz should have settled the problems as head coach. Insted, he shipped him off. Like he does with every player that seems to have a problem. Course, he\'s in TOTAL denial over a qb who has not only leadership problems, but mental one\'s too boot! Haz is the anti-christ and needs to go faster than shi* through a goose!

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