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panthers VS. Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Delhomme did one thing wrong....he was born in Louisianna. And anytime you have a local kid on the bench and the starter isn\'t in the Pro Bowl, you get a QB controversy. Delhomme has to be commended for his professionalism ...

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panthers VS. Saints

Delhomme did one thing wrong....he was born in Louisianna. And anytime you have a local kid on the bench and the starter isn\'t in the Pro Bowl, you get a QB controversy. Delhomme has to be commended for his professionalism in not fueling that fire and willingly accepting his rank and performing above par when on the field. He\'s a competitor with a huge desire to win and unfortunately the coaching staff only had two alternatives and neither a good for the team. Keep him and have the fans creating disention and jeoprodizing the confidence of the starter, or dump him and get a new back up. We all know what choice was made.

I would like see Jake be a successful QB in this league but I want no one to be successful at the expense of a win by our team. To cheer for Delhomme to show us up is not the work of a Saints fan. To hope to see our starter fail is not the work of a Saints fan. You can criticize our players all you want but to wish defeat to prove your point means it\'s time to shop for a new jersey.

Any Saints fan can predict the worst, but be glad to eat his words if the opposite ocurs.
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panthers VS. Saints

Billy what did Delhomme ever do to get hated so bad in New Orleans?I think he did a great job of carrying the clip board for the saints.I also think he was always prepared.Now he\'s finally gotten his shot to shine,and you want to see him fail.I don\'t understand.What\'s the deal? I think given time he\'s going to be a pretty good QB in this league.
I think it has more to do with him being the posterboy for Brooks and Saints bashers.

Jake is a very likable guy and most of us are cheering for him. We\'re just tired of the \"Brooks sucks, Saints suck, because look at Delhomme in Carolina\" posts that have been embedded into our skulls now for 8 stinking months now. If Delhomme does well thats all you will hear in every post regardless of the original topic by the 5th reply.
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panthers VS. Saints

Jake will play ok, but he won\'t need to be great, Davis is going to run through our guys like they were wet toilet paper.

I\'m just glad its not in prime time
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panthers VS. Saints

No one on the Saints cares about Delhomme
No, no they don\'t. Unfortunately, Delhomme cares about the Saints, and he will probably be all kinds of juiced up to make a point - so every player on the Saints D should care about JD... and more importantly, SD.
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panthers VS. Saints

I forgot another thing....

WR Steve Smith must be accounted for on special teams and in the slot as wide receiver....

He\' brash and cocky; but he\'s got game....

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panthers VS. Saints

Just call me a glutton for punishment, but I\'ll be at the game with my Saints garb on. Then I\'ve got a 3 hour ride home with Panthers, Steelers and Cowboy fans.
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panthers VS. Saints

I don\'t bash everyone on this board. I think BMG and FWTex have valid, lucid, ideas that makes sense. Unlike BillyC and his brethren who still think that Brooks and Haz shouldn\'t hit the road. Here\'s the Carolina game in a nutshell:

Brooks comes out cold yet again and Carolina gets excellent field position in the first half while putting up a 17-3 lead at half.

Haz FINALLY sits Brooks for Bouman and Bouman actually has some moments, but not enough. Davis takes over for the offense and Peppers, Jenkins (with his new contract in hand) takes over for the defense. Jakes ends up going 15-21 for 235 yards and two tds. Brooks goes 4-16 for 115 yards and one int. Bouman-20-34-267 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Final Score- Carolina-34-Saints 17.

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panthers VS. Saints

BTW, how did you and Black and Blue enjoy the Decandence Festival?
Not even sure what it is, but if it makes you sleep better at night, sure, had a blast. When I think of you dog, I liken it to this kid sitting in front of his computer, pulling his pud while he hits the \"post reply\" button. You really get off on trying to get under people\'s skin. Billy took the bait and is willing to sit here all day long and play the game with you. I, however, find you amusing, similar to a cat with a ball of yarn. I\'ll bat you around for a little while, but then it gets old, so I forget about you for a day or two.

I think BMG and FWTex have valid, lucid, ideas that makes sense.
Real easy to get along with those that share the same exact viewpoint that you do. Makes it real easy to copy and paste their ideas, only to call them your own as well. So far you\'ve managed to point out that we need a change in leadership and at the QB position. While the QB debates have remained steady here long before you ever hopped onboard, I for one have stated that I am waiting until the end of the year to decide whether or not AB is our QB. And the coaching staff change topics are new, I said it after the first game and still believe it, this team has shown no heart from day one, and that is a direct reflection on the coaching staff. Only difference between you and me, dog, is that I don\'t regurgitate my feelings over and over and over and over, add nauseum. But as the cat tires of his endless struggle with the ball of yarn, so too, do I tire of wasting time addressing your posts. Please, I encourage you to get more creative with your derogatory posts, as they are always fun to read, but please do not expect me to respond- i won\'t. Now go get your ****ing shinebox.

The waiting drove me mad....
I don't want to hear from those that know...
Everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed

Eddie is a....draftnik?
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panthers VS. Saints

No one is more original than B&B!! Even his insults are classy !! He\'s even insulted me a few times and I actually enjoyed them Some people have it some don\'t !!
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panthers VS. Saints

Sure, sure, guy. Try to use your \"attempt\" at witty banter to hide the true fact you are brain washed. You \"pro Brooks/Haz\" guys are the one\'s that can\'t take another posters critizism. You lash out at every oportunity. I really don\'t choose to trade verbal barbes with a intelligence deprived malcontent. Not to mention, your moniker of \"cocksuc*er\" shows the lack of emotional develpment one needs to carry on a mature conversation. As far as \"cat with yarn\" I think you might take up that practice fulltime. You may just find it mentally stimulating. Good bye, poor sir. You truly have my sympathy.

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