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SaintStoneyMount 10-18-2002 07:51 AM

No word on Dale
After several weeks of speculation I am frustrated that we aren't getting any word on Dale Carter. Maybe this is a dead issue with the league but it seems so unfair. I also notice that nothing has been said about Randy Moss who continues to suit up even though his antics have been well documented (running over a traffic official and admittedly smoking Marijuana). How is it that the league can ignore Randy's actions but not give Dale a break. I know what Dale did was wrong but when does his punishment end. I can't help but think that if Dale sold more jerseys he would be playing already. Is it just my love of the Saints that makes me feel this way? Probably so.

roturn 10-19-2002 05:00 AM

No word on Dale
Yes. Just like everyone else on this site expecting the league will reinstate Dale, your opinion is not impartial. He broke the rules for the 6th? time. We knew about his past when we signed him. I would love to have him. God knows we need him. But there is nothing we can say or do. Haslet is even tired of hearing about it. Yes I signed the petition to reinstate Carter. But, how much pull do you think that had on the powers to be? We need to stop speculating about this sitution. Once we stop talking about it, the league will probably reinstate him. Sorry for ranting, I am at work and need to stay awake for one more hour. Sleepless in the Superdome!!!!!!!!!! PS- Sammy Night needs to know the SH@t out T.O. on Sunday, teach that JackAss a lesson. Who Dat!!

JOESAM2002 10-19-2002 10:13 AM

No word on Dale
As bad as I hate to, I have to agree with Roturn on all accounts. I guess we\'ll see Dale Carter when we see him. And as we all know that will only be when Tagliabooooo says so. I also agree whit Roturn on the T.O. situation, I\'d like to see our boy Sammy give him one of his warm welcomes to the Super Dome. Knock his lights out. Put him down for so long, they have to use a calculator to count him out. Go Saints! :casstet:

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