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alsaints113 10-04-2003 02:37 PM

Brooks and TO?
Here's an idea...Why don't we send Brooks to San Francisco so that he can be together with that other selfish piece of monkey crap, Terrell Owens. They would be a perfect match, both of them are horrile team leaders, both of them don't hold themselves accountable for their own mistakes, and both of them are overrated!

Here's another idea, Tom Benson can sell the Saints to the residents of Louisiana much like the Packers do with Wisconsin. It's pretty clear we care more about our team than the Saints current owner.

One last idea, Jim Haslett should stop sleeping with Aaron Brooks. Their little gayfest has led to the demise of our team. See last year when Aaron played with a shoulder injury but Haz denied it. I'm sure that these two have made a "Blondes wo like Black C****" porn video somewhere!

Looking forward to the ESPN Sunday Night game against the Giants and another national embarrassment.

BillyCarpenter1 10-04-2003 02:41 PM

Brooks and TO?
alsaints113 --

That has to be the BEST post I\'ve read on here in some time. I think you are right about Brooks and Haslett being gay. That\' probably the reason Brooks smiles all the time. Benson probably joins them

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