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Speedy Ron 06-21-2010 09:37 AM

Jamaal Brown question...
i remember a few years ago he did something along the lines of hit his wife or raped someone? does anyone remember what exactly happend with this. Not trying to open a can of worms, just cant remember what happened

saintfan 06-21-2010 12:36 PM

Re: Jamaal Brown question...
It was a domestic abuse charge. Jammal's wife called into 911 to have him arrested. She called 911 back a few minutes later and told the cops she didn't mean it. LMAO The Cops told her they had to come out now anyway and that she couldn't 'take it back'. Jammal came home a few minutes after the cops arrived and was arrested. He was later released and the charges were dropped.

For what it's worth, I bet this happens a lot. I bet if we knew how many times this happened every night in America folks would be a lot less trigger happy, so to speak.

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