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FWtex 10-04-2003 10:25 PM

I'm Jumping the gun a little but ...
I had some free time on my hands as I was watching the Auburn/Tenn. game and did a little scouring of other teams coaches.

One thing that stood out with the exception of the Bucs is that the teams playing well have winning coaches on the staff. Here is s small list I came up with just by looking through team pages.

Sean Payton
A young coach with a good record everywhere he's been. Not going to be able to get him as a OC but I'd be willing to give him a look as HC.

Al Saunders

Greg Robinson

Mike White Possible GM??????

Stealing from a coach who builds success. These are his top 3 guys. To heck with Martz.

Fred Pagac
Possible DC? This guy has been around winning his whole career.

Mike Heimerdinger
Always has a solid offensive game plan. Fisher is a defensive guy so he has to be the real deal.

Another to eye.
Rick Neuheisel
May be ready to move to the pro ranks after being screwed over by the NCAA rules. I would not like him as a HC but if he would jump in as OC it would be an interesting looksy.

I don't know much about any of these guys except what I read in their Bios. I like the Idea of surrounding a team with winners.

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