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BrooksMustGo 10-04-2003 10:31 PM

ESPN's The Sports Guy
It was good for giggles.

CAROLINA (-7) over New Orleans
Didn't I tell you about Jim Haslett and the Saints? I mean, did I TELL you? It's been a long time since a team rolled over and played dead like this. I love their "Run a clearly terrified Donte Stallworth over the middle, have Aaron Brooks throw the pass too high like he always does, make Stallworth try to catch it as three defenders are hitting him at the same time, then see if the other team can catch the deflection" play. That's one of my favorites. If they had this play in "Madden," I'd play San Fran on the treadmill and run it with Terrell Owens over and over again.

Meanwhile, Carolina ... wow. Something's happening here, no? Who else is getting flashbacks to the Bears from two years ago? Just like that Bears team, nobody's taking these Panthers seriously yet. And just like that Bears team, there's money to be made when Carolina finishes 12-4, then finds itself hosting a playoff game with Jake Freaking Delhomme as the QB. Giddy up!

And for the disbelieving among you,

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