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BillyCarpenter1 10-05-2003 08:42 AM

Keys to beating Panthers --
Here are my Keys to beating the Panthers --

When Carolina has the ball -- Carolina likes to run the ball and control the clock. Because their defense hasn't allowed many points, their offense hasn't had to score many points. Some how our defense has to limit Stephen Davis and force the Panthers into 3rd and long situations. Jake likes to throw short safe passes and if we can get pressure on Jake he has throw some ill advised passes. The return of Dale Carter should help out greatly. Orlando Ruff starting at MLB could help sure up the middle of the defense. It will be interesting to see if Victor Green can make a difference at safety. So far, Tebucky Jones hasn't made many plays.

When Saints have the ball -- Carolina hasn't been that good against the pass. Their corners aren't that good but have been helped out greatly by a strong pass rush. If the Saints offensive line can give Brooks enough time to throw the ball, he could have a big day. It will be very important that McCarthy calls some screen passes to keep the defense from blitzing on every play. If the Saints are successful at establishing the pass, this should open things up for Deuce McAllister. One thing the Saints CANNOT do is run on first and second down and be left with long 3rd down situations. If the Panthers defense is allowed to pin their ears back and rush the passer, it will be a long day for the Saints offense.

Saints special teams -- Donte' takes over for an injuried Michael Lewis. There will be no loss of speed having Donte returning kicks. I just hope he doesn't get injuried. So far, Donte' hasn't enjoyed as much success at receiver as he did last year. Maybe getting him involved on special teams will get his head more into the game.

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nocloning 10-05-2003 09:26 AM

Keys to beating Panthers --
Big key is stopping Stephen Davis. Right now I have no idea how this defense might succeed doing that. So they have to force Carolina to play catch-up with an offense that takes chances early. Come out throwing and hope to put points on the board. If the Saints don\'t score at least 10 points in the opening quarter the Panthers will just wear them down.
Sounds a little desperate, but I guess that\'s what they are. They can\'t beat many teams physically so they\'ll have to find another way. The key to this game is the performance of the offense as the defense will not get it done alone. They\'ll have to force Carolina to change their game-plan.

Donte has to keep his eyes on the ball and not on the first man who will hit him. Dropped punts and kick-offs hurt a little more than dropped passes.

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