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JudeThaddeus 10-05-2003 01:39 PM

Credit and Complaints
The first half is in the books and I am happy to say that it appears we are playing much better than we did last week.
The defense has thus far been able to contain Davis and Delhomme has only managed to beat us on the short routes. With our new defensive lineup, it appears we have sparked some energy in an otherwise flagging unit.

I've seen some dropped passes out there (what is up with Conwell?), but I have seen more badly thrown balls. I am beginning to question if AB shoulder really recovered from the surgery. He has shown that he can air it out and throw deep, but he just doesn't seem to have the accuracy he once had. Most (about 60%) of his passes are off target forcing the receiver to make good catches rather than catches. As to why our receivers can't seem to make those good catches......they should. Period.

Deuce is a bright spot, as usual, and we are still in this game. That's the good news.

The bad news
As an aside, JD looks very poised in the Carolina offense. The two deep throws he made were off target a bit, but I would like everyone who doubted his deep throwing ability to note the pass to Smith (out of bounds, by about 18 inches). With the smallest bit of adjustment, those two throws are TDs. It's only his fifth start, by the way. His normal route passing has been excellent, and his ability to check down and go to his short route good as well.

As I see it, we have to start winning the time of possession war. Davis is gonna tear our defense apart if we can't keep him off the field. If we lose this, then the passing game will open up for the Panthers and we are done.

Go defense!

(By the way, let's hear it for Orlando Ruff and Victor Green. The old dogs still have some bite, it seems)

JudeThaddeus 10-05-2003 02:58 PM

Credit and Complaints
I was wrong. Carolina didn\'t have to get a passing game going. They tore us apart with the run. We play Chicago next week..... I guess I will look forward to that one.

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