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saints_boy 10-21-2002 12:15 PM

The new " Cardiac Kids"
We just refuse to lose! The Saints have a long history of blowing leads, but no more. It is just utterly amazing to see this team make come from behind wins look like clockwork. We have had a talented team for some years, but the diiference in this year`s team is the amazing poise and teamwork being shown. I have been a Saints fan since I could walk and have never seen them so confident. Oh, and 1 last note.....Tom Jackson has the Saints rated #1 in his NFL rankings. THE SAINTS HAVE COME MARCHIN` IN!!!!!!!!

nosdabomb 10-21-2002 02:35 PM

The new " Cardiac Kids"
Hell just might freeze over this year but as always i will be marchin in with tha saints :)

saintfan 10-21-2002 02:46 PM

The new " Cardiac Kids"
...and the thing is that we\'re still young (mostly). When we learn how to put other teams away we\'re gonna be freakin\' dangerous!

SaintStoneyMount 10-21-2002 05:21 PM

The new " Cardiac Kids"
The smartest thing Benson has ever done is sign Haz long term. This organization knows how to scout and bring in talent and knows what to do with it once it gets here. This is still just the beginning. It\'s Haslett\'s 3rd year. Give him time to get a secondary and develop these young guns we got. Times have changed in the big easy. Big Up to all the real fans (whodats) that have endured the worst now the Saints are the best.

JOESAM2002 10-21-2002 10:18 PM

The new " Cardiac Kids"
Wow! Is the best way to put it. These guys are something else. I have been a Saints fan since day 1. Been through all the long years of losing and the good times, though very few of them, with this team. This years team has even me believing in them. It\'s been a long time since i\'ve really been able to relax and know that the Saints have the ability to come back from being down to any team they face.These guys not only have the ability,as some of the other Saints teams had, but they know how and do use it. I think i\'ll reserve my looking to forward to San Diego just yet but WOW they just might make it. :D

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