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JudeThaddeus 10-07-2003 06:37 AM

The Rest of the Schedule
Running a little "what-if" here. If the same Saints that played the first five show up for the rest of the season, who can we beat?

Chicago (Only if they are badly coached. Tell Urlacher to ignore everyone but Deuce and they win this one)

Atlanta (They are struggling, but not as badly as we are. They can pull this one out with Doug Johnson, let alone Vick)

Carolina (Proven to be a better "team", though we probably have more talent)

Tampa Bay (Ha ha ha)

Atlanta (Same as before, only they will probably score more point this time out.)

Philladelphia (McNabb is coming back. This one will likely look like our preseason against them).

Washington (Funny. I hate Spurrier and Washington. Losing this game will hurt worse than anything else this season.)

Tampa Bay (No comment)

NYG (Amani Toomer against our secondary, ouch)

Jacksonville (We might beat these guys! They are all youngsters who are in a rebuilding year.)

Dallas (Parcel's has put fire in this team, and Carter is playing better every week. They take us handily.)

That makes us 2-14 this year unless we make a change. I am not sure what to hope for. The playoffs are gone for us (unless we win 10 of the next 11, sure....). As painful as it would be, I hope we QB Brooks the rest of the year. I have no doubts that if we do, we will silence all of the praise for him and expose what a scrub he is. We can look forward to next year and the draft.

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