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tweeky 10-07-2003 10:33 AM

Horn Slamms Brooks????
From th TP...

HORN SOUNDS: Saints wide receiver Joe Horn apparently ticked off some Carolina defenders with his postgame comments. Horn had high praise for the Panthers' defensive front four but wasn't nearly as complimentary of their defensive backs.

"Personally I don't think their secondary is that good," Horn said. "They're 4-0 right now, but they'll get exploited."
Anybody else here read between the lines?

FWtex 10-07-2003 07:10 PM

Horn Slamms Brooks????
I caught that too. LOL Each week you can tell Horn just wants to let it out but he is being a good boy for some reason. I can\'t figure out what Haslett or someone else may have over him to keep him from being more vocal. Maybe a clause in his new contract???

rusta 10-07-2003 07:49 PM

Horn Slamms Brooks????
look a little further between the lines and i think you should realize that maybe he\'s slamming mccarthy or just maybe our coaching in general

i was at the game and damn near 50% of our offense came in the form of 1WR sets, we didn\'t challenge their secondary because the coaches were too afraid of the pass rush the way our o-line has been playing, bad call in my opinion

AB played an excellent game, conwell and stallworth both dropped more balls than i can count, AB performed well given the plays that were being sent in, the 1 int he threw was a result of horn slipping and falling about half way down the field

do you really think they could keep horn quiet if he was upset at AB? hell no, i think he is quietly slamming our coaching maybe the offensive coordinator in specific

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