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frankeefrank 10-07-2003 01:53 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
Did an admirable job as back up for Philly.
We could use a game manager... Or someone who just gets our play makers the ball... Right thats what they say... Just get them the ball.

BlackandBlue 10-07-2003 01:57 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
Endless loop-

psssst, he is also playing for a good head coach.

saintfan 10-07-2003 02:02 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
He\'d have to hand \'em the ball and duct tape it to \'em cause if any of those Jokers actually caught it he sure as the world caugh it up soon as he got hit. I don\'t see where changing the QB is gonna correct that problem. Of all the turnovers we\'ve had so far this year, how many of those were interceptions, and of those how many were tipped balls and not the fault of the QB. Go honest now when you reply.

BlackandBlue 10-07-2003 03:01 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?

Of all the turnovers we\'ve had so far this year, how many of those were interceptions, and of those how many were tipped balls and not the fault of the QB.
Exactly half.
One big question I have is why does Aaron feel the need to rifle 85% of his passes? The only time he puts any touch on the ball is screen passes. I know he has a strong arm. He doesn\'t have to prove it on every throw.

lumm0x 10-07-2003 05:26 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
Saintsfan, I know you are the head of the Brooks booster club, but come on. Aaron Brooks has not played well, nor has he played disgustingly terrible. I\'ve defended him when I believed it was the right thing to do, and been highly critical as well when I thought it deserved. This is one of those times. He has had little help and for as much as others haven\'t held up their end of the game, he hasn\'t either. There are alot of players that aren\'t pulling their weight and he\'s one of them. Deuce\'s stats don\'t reflect what he is doing on the field. Just watch any individual play and you see what kind of effort is put into his game, whether it\'s a 3 yard loss or a 12 yard gain. He\'s showing up to play. Brooks and many others on this team are simply going through the motions. Franchise players show up no matter what.

In saying this, I\'m not advocating his replacement, but if I were the coach I would be seriously considering if this is the guy I want to bank my next 4 years on. He is proving that he is not the guy that will take over and almost single-handedly win a game, like I once thought him capable of. He is not progressing on a technical side of the game. The style of offense that we are currently employing is not tailor made for his skill set. The things the team is asking of him are the things he is not the stongest at. Frankly, in another offense he could be a very effective and productive QB. He puts up good numbers in ours because he does have talent and he is surrounded with talent, but he does not outshine his supporting cast.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 03:59 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
LummOx --

I understand some of the things that you are saying and agree with some of it. But, through the first 2 games you said Brooks looked like he has improved in some of the areas you were concerned about. Now, it seems, based off the last 2 games, you think differently? I just think it\'s too early in the season to be making any judgements on if he is progressing or regressing this year.

Also, you talk about him not being the right QB for this system. How was he able to do so well in the system last year? How was he able to throw for 27-TD\'s and all that yardage last year? Do you think every team figured out this \"secret plan\" to stop Brooks? I\'m being serious. Do you? Or, could it go way beyond that? Could it be several other factors that could be contributing to the lack of success on offesne than Brooks? Whatever the case may be I can\'t say that Brooks isn\'t right for the system or that Brooks has played that poorly. He sure needs to play better, but no receiver should be pointing any fingers at Brooks with all the dropped passes they have. And that includes Joe Horn. But Joe isn\'t pointing any fingers that\'s just something that has been fabricated on here. Joe has said in no uncertain terms that Aaron should be the QB. The quote is on here if I need to pull it out!!

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lumm0x 10-08-2003 04:52 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?

I\'ve said it before in the offseason that I thought Brooks was not suited to run our offense. The fact that he was highly successful from a production point last season is an attribute to the level of physical talent he possesses and the calibre of his surrounding cast. My take on the situation from last year was quite simply that I think he was a square peg in a round hole. Teams looked at his athleticism and the manner in which he finished out the prior season. I believe they expected us to run an offense quite different than what we did. I believe people under estimated the style of running that Deuce would be effective at. That we would involve the TE more in our passing game. That Brooks would be more of a scrambler than he ended up exhibiting. Walking into last year, if I was a defensive coordinator, my focuses would have been on Sloan and Boo Williams out of that 2-TE set we\'d run, the scrambling of Brooks if he breaks containment, and defending deep vertical routes with deep safety help. Deuce, being a rookie would have to prove that he could be the man before he became a priorty. Based on that , what I saw last year was teams not being prepared for a power running game we came out with, for TE\'s that basically became decoys and later ignored, and a passing game more laden with slants/outs/crosses than I would have expected. It became unpredictable and effective. Then, as Deuce\'s effectiveness faltered with injury, defenses became better adaptive to defending us.
I just think that Brooks was not solely productive because he is a great QB, but that he was in a situation that allowed it to be that way. Don\'t get me wrong, he is a very talented passer. I personally could see him being more consistently effective in a different offensive scheme. I see our style being more suited to a very low risk, game management QB. Someone who does not necessarily possess a great arm, but throws with accuracy and touch, is effective in play fakes and runs play action with plausibility, and is a vocal leader and motivator. This is just my opinion and I have nothing to back it up. I did say that Brooks was looking more into the game. I even said that after the Titans loss. I said the Titans loss was by no means a result of his play. Against the Colts the only thing I could think of was that this is not the guy I would want to be around when things don\'t go just right. He was and is growing as a player. I don\'t believe fingers should be pointed at him for any of the losses, the Colts game included. He played poorly, but no worse than anyone else. He is not directly responsible for the team\'s position right now. I just have always seen him as a good player on the wrong team. Same situation as Stephen Davis. Carolina is using him in a way that highlights his strengths. Washington, under Spurrier, did not and would not have done that, but he is a good enough player that his stats would still reflect his abilities. And teams would look at a Stephen Davis running game and expect a certain style of rush attack, and if a totally different style came at them it would be hard to defend and look highly effective.....for a while.

I don\'t really know if I communicated this very well, but like I said, it\'s simply my take on the guy from then to now.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 05:05 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
LummOx --

I think Brooks could really thrive in this system. I think McCarthy should adjust the system somewhat to suit Brooks\' skills, as I think any good coordinator would do. You don\'t have to scrap the whole west coast system for Brooks, but you can\'t just take a player that has the ability to beat you with his legs and eliminate that threat. I\'m no rocket scientist here by why in the world would anyone want to do that? Brooks can make some throws that a lot of QB\'s can\'t make. He isn\'t as good on some of the throws as some QB\'s are. But he definately could be a scary QB if he were utilized properly. I wish to God that they would turn Brooks loose and let him play his style of ball. That\'s the spark this offense needs. Not Bouman !!

lumm0x 10-08-2003 05:22 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
No question that any team should put players in position to do what they do best. I don\'t understand why we aren\'t. I agree he could be a QB you wouldn\'t want to face given the right circumstances. When he\'s on his game he can be elite. My only skepticism of the current situation is will Brooks be able to overcome the adversity of the season and individually step up his game. The conservativeness and bizarre play calling and formations we run do not help him do this. He definitely needs McCarthy to help this team be more explosive and spread and stretch defenses. Whether it\'s Brooks or Bouman that\'s in there....the way our offense operates has to change.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 05:30 PM

What do you all think about AJ Feeley?
That\'s the thing I don\'t understand LummOx. It wouldn\'t take that much change by McCarthy to get this offense on track. At least that\'s my view. Design some plays for Brooks to run the ball and let the defense worry about another dimension to this offense. It would open up so many things. Roll Brooks out more. They just need to do something to make defenses honor Brooks ability to run. The guy has passed for over 300 yards and ran for over 100 yards in the SAME GAME!! If McCarthy is too stupid to change then he doesn\'t have a clue on how to adjust an offense to the talent that is there.

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