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SmashMouth 07-24-2010 08:29 AM

Saints DT's
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In anticipation of the New Orleans Saints upcoming training camp, we will be running a series of online position-by-position breakdowns with our bests guesses as to who will make the final 53-man roster. Along with these breakdowns, we will also run interactive polls so that the voice of Who Dat Nation can be heard.

One of the New Orleans Saints few major weaknesses in 2009 was their inability to stop opposing rushing attacks. The Saints were an underwhelming 21st in the NFL in rushing yards allowed at 122.2 per contest over the course of the regular season. (Vote for who you think will make the Saints 53-man roster).

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New Orleans Saints position series: Defensive tackle |

We still need help there .... kinda looking forward to see what Woods and Heyman have to offer.

papz 07-24-2010 08:42 AM

Re: Saints DT's
I'm shocked posted that without being edited first. There are a few errors in there. DeMario Pressley was a 5th draft choice, not a undrafted free agent. Bad bad bad bad... makes the person who's writing the article less credible.

With that said, if we can get a fire lit under Woods' behind, he's got everything we need in a DT who's capable of becoming dominant. Barring injury, right now I'm actually comfortable with Remi and Ellis starting while rotating Woods in. Third downs should be very interesting with the possibility of moving Wilkerson and Hargrove inside with Brown and Smith on the outside.

jcp026 07-24-2010 01:30 PM

Re: Saints DT's
DeMario Pressley may be the most physically gifted DT we have. If he doesn't get it together this year, it could be over for him.

jeanpierre 07-25-2010 12:40 AM

Re: Saints DT's
Position by Position there's a novel idea?!?

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