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FWtex 10-07-2003 06:46 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
If you read his post about Buddy D. on the front page you know what I am talking about.

No way this team makes it to 8-8.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 12:47 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
You know I can understand where Stealthman is coming from. We have members on here that have ABOLUTELY written this season off. FWtex made the statement that there is no way that this team is going to even finish 8-8. We\'ve got people on here like WhoDat that goes around claiming all of his negetive predictions have come true already. Well, as much as you guys don\'t want to hear this: IT AIN\'T HAPPENED YET !!

This season can still be saved. Are the odds against it. Probably. But this is what we have coming up:

1. Bears -- This is a very winnable game for us.

2. Atlanta -- Vick won\'t be back. Again, very winnable.

3. Panthers -- Should have beat them in Carolina. We have them at home this time. Again very winnable.

4. Bucs -- Beat them twice last year and they are a beatable team this year. Injuries are starting to hit them too.

If we win all of these games our record will be 5-4. Even if we only win 3, our record will be 4-4. That\'s right back at .500 and we are right were we need to be.

Let\'s see what all the naysayers have to say if we win the next two.

FWtex 10-08-2003 02:41 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
I\'d make a bet with you again Billie but you obviously don\'t honor your side of bets. LOL

Here is what I noted most out of your post.

\"Are the odds against it.\"
\"If we win all of these games our record will be 5-4.\"

You don\'t sound to confident in your own thoughts there. My other thought is, is an 8-8 finish now the standard you have lowered the saints to this year? Thats a little far from a few weeks ago, huh? Looks like some of those naysayers are more right than you and you just can\'t bring yourself to see it or admit it.

BTW, I would have honored my side of the bet.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 03:05 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
FWtex --

My standards are the same every year for this team and that\'s to go to the playoffs no matter what the record might be. I\'m just the type of fan that never says die. Not until this team is officially out of it. I get discouraged at times. But, I still have to believe. Do you think the players should have your attitude?? If not, then why do you have it?

FWtex 10-08-2003 03:26 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
What attitude is that?

Do I beleive many players on this team see the writing on the wall and have accepted it already ... yes.

I bet you (ooops, already did that once) that there have been players talking over a beer that have said something like. \" man I can\'t believe how bad we suck\" \" this seasons goals are cooked and we are not even half way through.\" \" I hate playing with nothing to play for.\"

At this point its not about what attitude they should have but what attitude they DO have. Until there is a significant change within the team this will be the attitude.

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 03:35 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
FWtex --

Nice try but stay with me here. You said that there is no way that the Saints are even going to finish 8-8. Should the players have that some mentality as you? If you say yes then that tells me a lot about you and if you say no, then why should you as a fan have that mentality?

FWtex 10-08-2003 10:57 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
Billie quote:

\"then that tells me a lot about you \"

You have lots of guts billie ! Me and everyone else on this board know who the quitter, is.

Yes I am a realist and I see no way in HE_L this team gets 7 more wins on the schedule as long as they go with the same plan they have been using. Mark it right here , if there is no change at QB, HC or OC, this team will be lucky if it wins 4 games.

Should the players have the same mentality? this is another one of your lame questions trying to get someone into a box? Well,, the players should not have that attitude but its just like saying you should not play with matches. Human nature is human nature and it happens.


[Edited on 9/10/2003 by JOESAM2002]

FWtex 10-08-2003 11:18 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
Keep talking your trash. I take it by the fact you come back with this type of attack thaqt you realize you lost again.

get life looser!

BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 11:21 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
Hey brother. You started the trash talking. I just simply replied !! I haven\'t lost a damn thing. Cool off baby. It\'s all good.

FWtex 10-08-2003 11:31 PM

I'm going to miss Stealthman
Joesam, I apologize for the extra work but there are only a couple things I can\'t stand.

I have only one request. When you edit out a complete post please let it be known because otherwise the thread does not make a darn bit of sense.

I\'m back to using more knowledge than Billie can dream of having so your edits should be no more on my posts.

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