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BillyCarpenter1 10-08-2003 04:42 PM

Injury list looking MUCH better.
With the exception of a few on here -- Does anyone talk about anything that is relevant to the actual Saints Season this year? Anyway, the injury list is looking better. Cie Grant is questionalbe again this week. There has been no talk of the extent of Cie's injury from the Saints. It must have been pretty damn serious for him to be out this long. Also Tebucky is questionable for this game. Maybe Green and Tebucky can get some chemistry going in the secondary since they have played together before. And Kenny Smith might be back to provide some depth on the D-line. Something we desperately needed against Carolina...

Last Update:Wed. Oct. 8
Pos. Name Injury Status Injury Detail
LB Sedrick Hodge Out Knee
DE Darren Howard Out Wrist
LB Cie Grant Questionable Knee
S Tebucky Jones Questionable Hip
WR Michael Lewis Questionable Groin
DT Kenny Smith Questionable Knee
CB Dale Carter Probable Eye
T Wayne Gandy Probable Hamstring

lumm0x 10-08-2003 04:54 PM

Injury list looking MUCH better.
I was surprised to hear we cut Henry Ford with so little depth on the DL. Did he get hurt again?

saintfan 10-08-2003 05:03 PM

Injury list looking MUCH better.
I can\'t remembre where, but I think I read somewhere that they are hoping to re-sign Ford.

ScottyRo 10-08-2003 05:28 PM

Injury list looking MUCH better.
The Saints have also re-signed DT Henry Ford. A 10-year veteran, Ford played against Tennessee and Indianapolis before being released prior to last week\'s game at Carolina.

This info about Ford was inserted at the end of the announcement of Lewis\' extension.

saintsfan200 10-08-2003 07:57 PM

Injury list looking MUCH better.
Let the injured rest up. The bears suck.

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