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JudeThaddeus 10-08-2003 05:08 PM

Did I see what I saw?
In the third quarter of the Panther game, I watched Horn come up with a catch on 3rd and long. The ball was badly thrown forcing Horn to dive to make the catch but he did it. It was a big play. As the camera pans around showing this player and that, it picks up Horn's return to the huddle-area. Brooks holds out his left hand closed in a fist, obviously looking for Horn to touch fists. Horn ignores love.

A short time later, in another shot I see Horn on the sideline obviously agitated and talking to Bouman (who is wearing the Saints' ballcap, I want one). Bouman is nodding along in agreement and I can only wonder what they are talking about.

Anyone else see this? Maybe it was the chili-salsa-cheese dip.

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