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BillyCarpenter1 10-09-2003 08:27 AM

TRANSCRIPT: Aaron Brooks
TRANSCRIPT: Aaron Brooks
October 8, 2003

Q: Did it encourage you that you guys competed much better with Carolina than with Seattle, Tennessee or Indianapolis?

A: "It was a common opponent. We knew for the most part what they were going to try to do. It's just up to us to react to it. We're not upset about that. That was last week. They played a good game. They deserve to win. We got to look forward this week to Chicago. I think Chicago's a team like us, trying to find a win. They beat Oakland last week. I'm quite sure they dont feel like a 1-3 team. We're focused trying to beat Chicago and try to get a win."

Q: You guys ran the ball well last week, did well on third down and got good protections, what prevented you guys from getting in the end zone more?

A: "Our opportunities are limited right now, so it's more of an issue to execute. Last year, we had great opportunities to have the ball and make things happen. We just got to keep working hard and execute like we know how, regardless. We haven't been doing that enough, but things are going to start to come around."

Q: Is a Bears defense that has been struggling what the doctor ordered?

A: "Let's hope so, but you never know. There are no guarantees in the NFL. We work hard for all these weeks and make sure we're hitting on all cylinders. Obviously we just want to win. We don't care how we win, pretty, ugly, bad, good, it doesn't matter, we want to win. That's what we're striving for."

Q: After losing three in a row, is it hard to stay positive? What is the atmosphere around the locker room and has it changed over the past three weeks?

A: "Obviously, it changes. All of us are disappointed of where we're at, but I think the atmosphere, it's kind of tough to say. Obviously no one wants to lose, it changes a lot of things, but it also changes things from a personal standpoint. I don't think anyone around here is happy-go-lucky, but at the same time, we are picking each other up to make sure that we are playing with confidence and playing the way we are supposed to be playing. Just thinking about that, I think it's very upbeat. We have an opportunity to push this thing back to .500 at the break. The way the division is going now, we should have a chance. We're never going to count ourselves out. You saw that Monday night. It gave us some hope."

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-09-2003 10:57 AM

TRANSCRIPT: Aaron Brooks
I hate him and long for the day that he disappers from our fair city.


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