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subguy 10-09-2003 08:31 AM

Billy why do you start each post with,"unlike most fans here",it is tiring?
Billy why must you consistently stir the pot and and play the consummate optimist, when there are clearly issues at hand?
Billy why do you annihilate anyone who does not agree with your theories?
Billy why do you feel that anyone who makes a comment they believe makes them a realist, is a cynic?
Billy why do you continue to post articles regarding the Saints when all of the fans already have read the articles?
Billy why do you make Joe Sam's job so difficult even after he has pleaded many times for you to use discretion?
Billy why do all of the long standing members take so much exception to your digs and comments?
Billy why can't you state fact and theory without there being a personal attack involved somewhere regarding, intelligence,sexual orientation,or any other preference or belief?

Billy, here is your wakeup call; THE SAINTS HAVE ISSUES!

We need to fix the issues and as far as writing off a season after 1/4 of the season is over, is not altogether realistic, but we are in a hole.

This does not make me any more or any less of a fan than you. It makes us different, very different.

All things must change, but looking at your membership date and the number of posts leads one to believe you like to see yourself write.

We can all long for past seasons when the board was full of banter and slamming, and full of content. Gator and I have disagreed many times. But Gator will also change his opinion if his original thought was wrong. I have given Gator props for posts and we differed greatly in opinion at pre season. I also know that if Gator and I hooked up we could drink a cold one and have a good time. WhoDat and I just happen to share alot of the same opinions as I do. Gator and WhoDat have had many squirmishes, but they ave agrred with each other few times also. B&B is laid back and I remember awhile back he was ready to leave the board. Now Billy, if your whole gig is to play devil's advocate,fine then everyone will take it as such. I am not the board spokesman, and I used to attempt to throw out some humor, but unlike Aaron Brooks, I cannot laugh in the 4th Quarter of a blowout(Colts), I do not feel like being joke boy when the season sucks and the board is losing control. Winning is fun, this board was fun when we were winning, and when flow of discussion has not been restricted.

BillyCarpenter1 10-09-2003 08:50 AM

I don\'t have the desire to address every one of your questions so :

First of all I don\'t go around personally attaking anyone. It is usually someone who is upset with me questioning their reasoning that attacks me. Just like FWtex did yesterday. But you failed to mention that or you just prefer to believe what you want to.

As far as me being optimistic. Here\'s your wakeup call subguy: I have and will continue to be optimistic. I get sick of a lot of members that constantly say the Saints Suck. Seems like that would bother a Saints fan more than me being optimistic !! I don\'t need to hear the Saints Suck every minute of the day. Do you think I don\'t know the Saints have problems? I know how the Saints are playing and I know what their record is !!

Now you tell me who I have attacked that didn\'t come after me first. Can you do that for me? If someone throws something out there and I dont\' agree , then I will say so and state the reason I don\'t agree. There\'s so much misinformation on this board that it\'s ridiculous. But, that\'s ok. People see things different ways and we debate things on this board. If you don\'t like my opinion, then I suggest you disagree and state why you disagree with the topic at hand, instead of going off on your little tirades.

I can stick with talking about football and do so, but if someone wants to start with the insults -- I can jump right in there buddy.

BlackandBlue 10-09-2003 09:02 AM


I get sick of a lot of members that constantly say the Saints Suck.
But don\'t you think that is the right of every Saints fan? I don\'t participate in it much, but I can understand the frustration that others have. It\'s like having a sister that you constantly bully, yeah it\'s ok that you smack her around because you do it out of love, but heaven help if someone outside the family tried to do the same thing.

BillyCarpenter1 10-09-2003 09:11 AM

Hey, I don\'t tell them they can\'t post it and YES I do understand their frustration. Some members take it to a whole other level though. Like I have said many times. If someone posts something I agree with then I do so. If they post something I disagree with I will do so. If they want to keep it on a respectful level , then cool. If they want to get nasty, then be prepared.

BlackandBlue 10-09-2003 09:17 AM

We need more females on this board. I\'m drowning in all the testosterone.

BillyCarpenter1 10-09-2003 09:22 AM

You think you\'ve got problems. I feel like Aaon Brooks. It\'s damn if I do and damn if I don\'t. Some folks seemed to be consumed with my posts. You would think I was going around and raping the local villiage girls.

subguy 10-09-2003 09:44 AM

Billy, I am not consumed with your posts, as the matter of fact the one above went well, and then the \"one of your little tirades\"starts to create a confrontational feeling inside. I never said we sucked, I stated that we had issues. Saints fan as a collocetive group will voice their opinions either way. My entire point is that in your mind no one can do that without being a hater, or a cynic or not a true fan. You stated the FWtex post, and that is a good point. If that was the first one it would have a whole lot more credibility. But you have been involved in numerous name calling sessions, more than anyone on this board.

BillyCarpenter1 10-09-2003 09:59 AM

subguy --

When you posted what you did -- You started the confrontation. Not me. I get called out on this board more than ANYONE ELSE for being optimistic. There seems to be this misconception that because when the trash talking was going on in the offseason that I have carried it over into now. That\'s not the case at all. I talk football on this board all day long with many members who agree and disagree with me, WITHOUT any name calling. Yeah I call peoples loyalty to this team into question. I have been wrong about some of them, but I still have the right to do so and because I did, I found out I was wrong. However, I still beleive that some members on here take way too much enjoyment out of bashing the Saints.

I try to treat everyone with as much respect as they give me. Believe me I would much rather talk FOOTBALL but sometimes things get said. Now, most of the time it ain\'t me starting it. It\'s me finishing it. Because I\'m not in the majority of the negitive posters on this board, it puts me in conflict more than others. I suggest if they can\'t handle a different view, that they have some real problems.

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-09-2003 10:39 AM

He does it because he\'s an who thinks if you don\'t support AB, no matter how badly he plays, than you\'re not a real fan. He\'s a who I think should hit the road when AB does. I\'m thinking that should be around next years draft.


[Edited on 10/10/2003 by JOESAM2002]

ScottyRo 10-09-2003 12:49 PM

Thanks Swampdog. In a thread wherein someone is brought to task about making personal attacks on other members (as well as other things) you interject yourself into the manner and perform the same acts.

Here\'s a newsflash for ya: Saying someone\'s opinion is stupid is different than saying that the individual is stupid for expressing it. The former is not a personal attack while the latter is. It is posts just like the one you just made that should result in people being banned from the board until they can learn to show respect for people regardless of how they feel about the opinions expressed.

And no, it doesn\'t matter who said it first! It should end with a moderator editing it and otherwise be ignored. Retaliation makes little, if any, sense.

[Edited on 9/10/2003 by ScottyRo]

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