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SaintStoneyMount 10-21-2002 05:50 PM

San Diego Deep
Every year I wish for the Saints to go to the superbowl for the NFC. And every year I pick a different NFC team to go all the way because realistically we just don't have it. This year I picked the Saints. That was before Dale Carter got suspended. When Dale got suspended I said " oh well another year that I picked the wrong team" but at least I could actually realistically say the Saints had a shot. As this season has progressed and this offense has established itself as a juggernaut I am beginning to believe that my pick might come through this year after all. This is a dream for me. It is still very early and anything could happen. But it is wonderful to see the Saints on top. To hear them called the best in the NFC, the best in the NFL. To have the top offense in the NFC. To have the top running back. To be 6-1 and the 1 be a fluke not the 6. Man, I could die right now and it would almost be allright, except I would miss the Saints winning the superbowl in San Diego.

Thank you boys
Bless you boys


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