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ScottyRo 10-10-2003 11:17 AM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
From Pete Prisco's "Notes"

Carolina defensive tackle Kris Jenkins is considered one of the rising players at his position. He went to the Pro Bowl last year as a replacement player, but some felt he deserved to be a starter. Jenkins is again having a good season, but some scouts say the best defensive tackle in the NFC South isn't Jenkins or Warren Sapp or Booger McFarland. There is some talk Grady Jackson of the Saints is playing the best tackle in the division. Jackson has shed some of the weight that had Saints coaches so concerned during the offseason and has played far above their expectations. He has been one of the few bright spots on a team that has disappointed in so many ways.

ScottyRo 10-10-2003 11:20 AM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
Also in the same article:

The Saints are 1-4, and the conventional thinking is that coach Jim Haslett could be on his way out the door. But owner Tom Benson has told people he\'s committed to Haslett and he also would be on the hook for $9 million for the next three years if he fires him. That might be prohibitive for a cost-conscious owner like Benson. Haslett could also get a pass based on all the injuries his team has suffered.

tweeky 10-10-2003 12:02 PM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
I have said this before about Grady Jackson.
If he was in the 315-320 lb range, he\'d be a pro-bowler.
The only thing stopping Grady is Grady.

qball316 10-10-2003 01:15 PM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
Wow I didn\'t realize that Benson would be 9 mil on the hole for firing Haz! In that case, lets just fire Venturi.

canucksaint 10-10-2003 01:17 PM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
He\'s only in the hole that much if no one picks up Haz. Currently Buffalo isn\'t all that impressed with their HC Williams. There has been some talk of if Haz is fired Buffalo will pick him up. Haz used to play up there, and is still very friendly with their owner Ralph Wilson.

RUFF 10-10-2003 01:27 PM

Go Gravy, er, I mean, Grady!!!
We should all hope that Buffalo tanks the rest of this season, cause Haz is a Haz been in N.O. he needs to go.

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