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BillyCarpenter1 10-11-2003 09:46 AM

The problem I have with Rick Venturi
Rick Venuri is a self proclaimed student of the game. There's nothing wrong with that but I think Venturi gets caught up in looking at down and distance situations and calls predictable defenses. If you look at most of the successful defensive coordianators in the league, they usually do the unexpected a lot. They blitz when you least expect it or they try to throw something at the offense that they aren't expecting.

Rick hardly ever calls a blitz and when he does it's usually in 3rd and long situations and that's usually when the offense has max protection called. Sometimes a defensive coordinator has to guess. This might lead to some mistakes at times, but it also leads to some big plays made by the defense. It also keeps the offense on their heels, because they don't ever know what you're going to do.

Rick needs to get his head out of the books and coach more agressively. Anyone can call defenses that put more backs into coverage in known passing downs or put extra defenders on the line in known running situations. Offensive coordinators love when defenses are predictable. What they don't like is to have to guess at what defenses might do. Usually when a defense is unpredictable, it will cause the play calling to be more conservitive, which plays into the hands of the defense.

In other words, Rick needs to stop being Rick and give his defense a chance to make plays.

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deadflatbird 10-12-2003 06:53 PM

The problem I have with Rick Venturi
Well I agree with you. His playing calling and scheme\'s are of High School calliber... They line up wrong... For the life of me I can\'t figure out why LB\'s are 7 yards deep in the enzone when its 1st and goal on the 2.

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