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saintz08 10-11-2003 07:50 PM

Quarterback standard
Quarterback standard :

There are three categories that QBs can fall into, they are:

The West Coast QB-the West Coast QB is defined by a player with some mobility, even to the point of being called a scrambler. His arm strength is not a main issue. He survives on making quick decisions and marching his team down the field with precise passes. Vintage examples of the West Coast QB are Joe Montana and Steve Young.

The Pocket Passer-the pocket passer is not extremely mobile but prefers to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. They are generally characterized by great arm strength and the ability to stretch the field. They can usually make all the throws but need a solid offensive line to keep them upright. Vintage examples of the pocket passer would be Dan Marino or Drew Bledsoe.

The Athlete-this is becoming vogue in the NFL. They are pure athletes with cannons for arms. They move like running backs and often prefer to scramble before throwing. They can usually stretch the field and seldom prefer to dump it off. Vintage examples of the these atheletes are hard to find, but the original would have to be John Elway. Since then, the market on these players have increased greatly.

The problem with some college QBs is there talent may have them falling in a gray area between the three listed categories, but coaches and schemes usually favor one of the three types. You would not fare well placing a pocket passer in the West Coast offense and the opposite would also be difficult. The athlete does not fit into any set mold and coaches really take a chance attempting to mold these guys into the finished product.


Where would you place Brooks ????

ScottyRo 10-11-2003 09:11 PM

Quarterback standard
I would list Brooks as \"Athlete\" based on the definitions above.

Who worte these definitions? It lists Montana as being a \"west coast\" prototype QB, and I know he was in that system, but I\'ve never really considered him a \"scrambler\". I would think of Montana as more of the typical \"pocket passer\". I think what this shows is that a true west coast offense should be run by someone with a lot of intelligence as a QB.

Compare Montana and Young: not the same type of players (Young, of course, was more of a scrambler), but both thrived in the west coast system. I believe the reason is they were smart Qb\'s who were very aware of their checkdowns.

progress 10-12-2003 10:06 AM

Quarterback standard
The \"Athlete\" is definitely the \"vogue\" of the nfl, but lets look back and see how many of these \"Athletes\" have won super bowls. I know that you listed Elway as the original (as argueable as it may be), but by the time he won a superbowl, he definitely would not have still been listed in that category. Take a look back at the quaterbacks who have been in the superbowl the past few year. (Johnson vs. Gannon) (Brady vs. Warner) (Dilfer vs. Collins) (Warner vs. McNair) (Elway vs. Farve) (Farve vs. Bledsoe) None of these quaterbacks would be included in the athlete category. Gannon is a great athlete, but he has developed into scrambler/ bye some time to throw the ball qb, much like elway did. The point of my endless rambling is that as fun as these guys are to watch, they aren\'t winning it all. Now I would love nothing more than for Brooks to take over and lead this team to the Superbowl, but as the last few years have shown it is simply not a necessity for a team to have a McNabb/Vick/Culpepper type of quaterback. I\'m sure the arguement about McNair will be made, and yes the Titans made it to the superbowl that year, but they didnt win it.

WhoDat 10-12-2003 11:11 AM

Quarterback standard
I\'ve said this 100 times. Give it up guys, Saintfan and Billy will never give.

Progress - another note. How many weapons do the Vick, McNabb, Culpepper, Carter, Garcia, Stewarts, and even Jeff Blakes have on their offense? Usually one at most. NONE of them have good runningbacks on their teams - not ton 10 or 15 type runningbacks. They are basically THE weapons on their teams. Maybe they have a receiver too, but they HAVE to make plays b/c there isn\'t anyone else to do that.

Compare that to the weapon heavy teams like ours, with serious runningbacks and more importantly weapons on the outside at WR and TE. Rams - Bulger, Seahwaks - Hassleback, Washington - Ramsey, Pittsburgh - Maddox, Indy - Manning, Oakland - Gannon, KC - Green, even Collins in NY. Can you name another team with a serious runningback, lot\'s of weapons on the outside, and a QB like ours? If it was working, we\'d be geniouses. Since it\'s failing miserably, we\'re dolts - we\'re proving why our system and our QB don\'t fit.

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