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BillyCarpenter1 10-12-2003 03:41 PM

Saints beat Bears
Even though the Saints beat the Bears, the same problems still exist. As good as our receivers played last year, they have played that poorly this year. Joe Horn cannot catch the deep ball. Donte' cannot catch anything. Conwell is highly inconsistant. Paython has the best hands of all the receivers this year. Boo Williams had a decent game. Wayne Gandy is still playing bad. He's going to have problems, BIG TIME, against any quailty pass rusher.

Aaron Brooks has been highly criticized this year but his receivers are absolutely killing drives. All of these dropped passes don't count towards the receivers stats but go directly on Aarons. For all of those wanting to change QB's in hopes of fixing the offensive problems, I hope today showed you that it goes way beyond the quarterback position.

McCarthy's play calling today was poor in my opinion, except on the last drive. I think we could have passed all day against Chicago, but we did control the time of possession and it's hard to argue with a win.

The Defense played well IMO. I want to thank Charles Grant's mother. She seemed to have motivated her son and he played a great game. Dale Carter has really played well in the last 2 games. Ambrose likes to gamble a lot, and so far he is losing the gamble. Sullivan made a couple of nice plays. Venturi called a good game on defense.

A win is a win, but the Saints offense still has problems. I have yet to see McCarthy really open up the passing game, unless we are behind. I believe that the Saints offensive problems are the result of them hurting themselves, rather than anything the defense is doing. Let's hope they can correct the mistakes or they will be in trouble against a quailty opponent

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WhoDat 10-12-2003 03:45 PM

Saints beat Bears
I\'m not going to get into the whole Brooks debat for the millionth time, but I will disagree about throwing the ball all day. We need to continue to put the ball in Deuce\'s hands. Right now, he is about the only player on the offensive side of the ball worth a damn. Without him this team might not win a game this season. I thought this game was well called and poorly executed. Our QB is playing poorly, but yes, our receivers are playing worse. It\'s a tought decision right now - I\'m not sure if the defensive backfield or the wideouts are worse right now. They both such big time.

WhoDat 10-12-2003 11:07 PM

Saints beat Bears
Hey, how about we run the wedge to the middle of the f---ing field!?!?! I will bet anyone on this board right now that you cannot find a middle wedge return this season. I\'ve been watching for it, it hasn\'t happened. We run our return men directly at the sideline. That\'s INSANE. Honestly, as bad as this team has been playing this year, nothing has been more mind-bogglingly frustrating to me than that. It\'s unreal.

saintz08 10-12-2003 11:15 PM

Saints beat Bears
Who Dat

Would you prefer a wedge up the middle for a player who is not sure handed ??

At least if he does lose it like in the past , it can go out of bounds and the Saints still get the ball .

Hasn\'t Lewis been fumble prone in the past ??? Stalworth seems to have some hands issues lately ....

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