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BrooksMustGo 10-12-2003 10:59 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
What do you think people?

What's going on with our first rounder? He doesn't look ready to replace Pathon, much less Horn. What's the deal with the recieving corps of the future?

WhoDat 10-12-2003 11:49 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
Not at all. He\'s lacking concentration right now, but he will get his ish together eventually. Stallworth is a man-child. He\'s too big and fast, and runs routes too well to be a bust in this league. Eventually, he\'ll play to potential. If you were judging Horn only by what he\'s done this year you\'d say he was a bust too. Obviously that\'s not the case.

SaintScott25 10-13-2003 05:49 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
Stallworth is definitely not a bust. He showed last year the potential he has in this league. The whole offense(minus Pathon) is just in a funk right now. If we judged them all on the first 6 games this year we might as well ask if ANY of these guys belong in the NFL. They will come around, especially Stallworth. Every Saints fan knows what all of these guys can do. Now someone PLEASE remind me why we gave up 2 1st rounders for Sullivan? I\'ve been VERY unimpressed with him. I know he\'s been hurt, but he wasn\'t THAT good healthy! Kenny Smith has looked better in my opinion. I think Sullivan is the one that is more likely to be labled a bust!! Has anyone else seen anything in him that I haven\'t?

tweeky 10-13-2003 06:02 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
I find it encouraging that he and Horn will turn up the Jugs machine and practice catching rockets for an hour and NOT DROP ANY!
This tells me its mental. When he gets his head on straight he may explode.

I remember a Pitcher for the Braves that had great stuff, but he always had a disaster inning or two in big games where he fell apart. He went to see a sports psycologist to help his mental approach to the game. Now John Smoltz is one of the best CLUTCH pitchers in Braves history, and he credits that sports psycologist for helping. Its in Donte\'s head, and it can be corrected.

Besides, some of the best WR\'s in the game today didn\'t blossom until their 2nd or 3rd year.

subguy 10-14-2003 01:52 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
I agree Stallworth was a valid pick. He deserves time, kind of like we have allowed Brooks(just kidding). The kid needs to learn focus and he will be a stud receiver. My biggest concern is the Saints being a farm team theory, will we hold on to the guy or be able to keep him?

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BlackandBlue 10-14-2003 02:19 PM

Stallworth: Draft Bust?
Experts have said that it typically takes 3 years for a reciever to come into his own. Sometimes it is shorter, as what appears to be the case with rookie wideout Anquan Boldin with Arizona, and sometimes it takes longer (Price didn\'t break 1000 yards until his 4th season- before that, it was steadily increasing). I\'ll give Stallworth another year, but he is one of the few.

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