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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If a fan is so ashamed to be seen in the dome that he needs to wear a bag on his head, then they shouldn\'t go in the first place. Billy , you are clueless ..... The bagheads are not ...

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If a fan is so ashamed to be seen in the dome that he needs to wear a bag on his head, then they shouldn\'t go in the first place.

Billy , you are clueless .....

The bagheads are not ashamed fans , never have been , never will be . The bagheads are real fans , sitting in the stands loss after loss , long after the sting of the Boo\'s have passed and players do not care except to collect their checks . Some of the Bagheads are longtime season ticket holders , making a statement loud and clear .

This team should be ashamed of your pathetic performance and since you are not we will be for you .

The Bagheads are making a statement \" You can drown out our Boo\'s , but you cannot escape the sight of us in our Bags \" .

The Bagheads are a part of N.F.L. history .

The statement is clear : Do not come into our house and give less then a 100% or this is what you will see , a baghead .

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
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Well said 08. Once again it\'s the world against Billy, but somehow we\'re all crazy and he is right. Billy, I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again, if you stop and look around and think, \"My god, everyone is insane,\" then odds are you\'re the crazy person.
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Eloquent as usual. That\'s a good way of summing it all up.
How professional athletes can skate by on not giving their best effort and still expect to be cheered is beyond me.
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You can call me crazy or whatever you want. but I will NEVER wear a bag to a game or anywhere else for that matter. The original bag heads wore the bags because they didn\'t want to be recongized as a Saints fan. That\'s why they wanted to hide their face. Now we have a bunch of fans that are trying to be cute and get some attention. You call it what you will, but I call it disrespectful. Maybe they should wear bags on their head when they go watch their kids play high school ball? Let \'em make a statement to their kid\'s school, to play their kid that is sitting on the bench.

I\'m not ashamed of the players. I am disappointed, but not ashamed. The only one I\'m ashamed of are the CLASSLESS fans that have bags on their heads. Maybe they should keep them under their seat and put them on after every bad play when they don\'t think that the players are going all out.

I think the idea is to support your team through the good and the bad. Wonder what wearing bags does for the moral of the team? It certainly can\'t help!! But yeah, these fans have the right to wear their bags and Joe Horn has the right to call them what they are ---- COWARDS !!

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You know, I think BillyC. is right, the fans should not wear the bags to the game. When someone holds up a bank and takes honest people\'s hard-earned money they wear a mask, when someone mugs somebody and takes their pride away, they wear a mask. When someone steals from another and it takes away their dignity, they usually wear a mask. So, in light of these observations the fans should not wear the bags to the games.
The players should start wearing them.
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Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If the fans think they are going to make things better by wearing bags, they are idiots. The only thing they are going to accomplish is to bring the moral of this team down. Do you honestly think that the players are going to play harder because fans are wearing bags?

These aren\'t robots out there playing football. These are REAL folks, with real emotions. It\'s gotta be discouraging to see fans wearing bags on their heads. If cheering can get a team emotionally high, then don\'t you think wearing bags can have the reverse effect?
There is no way in HELL to justify it in my mind. Support YOUR team when the games are being played and give them every advantage you can.

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Here is an original member of the Bagheads .

We will let him explain ......

Laissez les bon temps rouler
(Let the good times roll)

By Roger Rotter
ESPN Fantasy Games
Posted: Friday, February 7, 2003

Marlon Guidry won the Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge.

Louisiana native Marlon Guidry, 47, has hit a trifecta of good fortune. He\'s working on his 27th year of blissful marriage with two children, has recently triumphed over thousands of fantasy owners to win the ESPN Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge (FFLPC) and will watch future sporting events on his winning prize, a 51\" Panasonic wide screen projection television and home theatre system.
He ranks the fantasy title alongside becoming an Eagle Scout by 14 and playing on the 1971 South Lafourche High School state championship football team among his proudest achievements.

The Lafayette resident named his entry the Lafayette Loggerheads in honor of his grandfather, Antoine Guidry, who grew up with the \"Cajun French\" nickname \"Cowen\" (Cow-ayne). This translates to a snapping turtle or a loggerhead turtle in English.

\"People called grandpa \'Cowen\' because he resembled a dog not wanting to give up on a bone when he latched onto a person, problem or thing,\" explained Guidry, alluding to the persistence of a snapping turtle.

\"My grandfather also was a reputable card player, and I can remember him pulling in large pots saying to no one in particular, \'It is better to be lucky than good.\'\"

The legacy of his grandfather\'s expertise at games has been passed onto Marlon. He\'s an avid player of fantasy games. In fact, he\'s found more success in building his own teams than being a fan of the perennially disappointing Saints.

\"My pro football knowledge comes from watching every team in the league kick the \'Aints a$$ on any given Sunday,\" said Guidry, who enjoys camping, cooking, fishing and photography in his spare time with his wife, Jayne.

Overall Leaderboard
1 lafayette loggerheads, marlong 578
2 Hail to the REDSKINS, Renlar 576
3 otto OAKTOWN, 28otto28 573

4 VA Jets Fan 1, Army164 572

As a result, he spent many Sundays at Saints games disguised with a brown bag over his head and was an original member of the \"bagheads.\"
\"I learned more about \'what not to do\' as opposed to \'what works\' from following my beloved Saints,\" said Guidry, who graduated from Louisiana Tech with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Guidry donned his \"baghead\" again when Tampa Bay earned its first franchise victory after 26 defeats.

\"I was also in \'that number\' when Cleveland earned its first franchise victory, the second time around, and wished I had a bag to disguise the fact that I paid good money to witness the debacle,\" Guidry said.

Guidry embarked on his fantasy sports odyssey when he began playing ESPN Fantasy Games seven years ago, starting with Fantasy Football \'96. All together, he\'s participated in more than 50 fantasy games, giving him a wealth of experience.

Guidry forges family ties by playing fantasy football. He and the families of his eight brothers and sisters comprise a 12-team league. They created it in 1995 and called it the Guidry Rules Fantasy Football League. Soon after the NFL season is over, he prepares for his favorite game, ESPN Fantasy Baseball.
\"Uber 2003 intrigues me,\" added Guidry about ESPN\'s ultimate fantasy game competition. The objective is to accumulate the most points in as many ESPN Fantasy Games as possible.

\"I hope to seriously participate in enough games to move up the Uber ladder.\"

Marlon Guidry is playing football with his leaguemates.

Success on the first two rounds (wildcard and divisional) of the FFLPC depends on selecting the best players under a salary cap. Guidry\'s strategy was split between analyzing matchups, the weather and his \"gut feeling.\"
Guidry decided matchups by concentrating on \"player rankings\" vs. \"points allowed\" provided by ESPN and used weather predictions given by The Weather Channel.

\"Wildcard and divisional game rosters were \'fine-tuned\' using the old \'gut feeling\' technique. If it gives you indigestion, stay away from it.\"

FFLPC owners selected players from the wildcard games of the Jets-Colts, Falcons-Packers, Steelers-Browns and Giants-49ers.

\"Great matchups, mild weather, and no indigestion led me to focus on the New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers wildcard game,\" said Guidry, who has a daughter, 24, and a son, 22.

His wildcard team of Jeff Garcia, Kerry Collins, Terrell Owens and Amani Toomer flourished. Toomer was his best bargain, although Curtis Martin was a bust.

Choices among the divisional games were Falcons-Eagles, Steelers-Titans, 49ers-Bucs and Jets-Raiders.

\"Decent matchups and weather led me to focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans divisional game,\" said Guidry.

Key players included Steve McNair, Tommy Maddox and Plaxico Burress. The Philadelphia Eagles defense at \"The Vet\" vs. Atlanta was his \"gut-feeling\" pick. However, Derrick Mason busted.
Guidry still had to jump ahead of the pack when he was tied for 19th on the FFLPC Leaderboard after the divisional weekend. He believed a majority of the frontrunners would play it safe and load up on Raiders and Eagles. But he was confident that Tampa Bay would face Oakland instead.

\"Watching a healthy Brad Johnson improve each week led me to pick Tampa Bay as the eventual Super Bowl champion,\" said Guidry, who started working at Schlumberger Oilfield Services as a wireline logging engineer after graduating and is currently their senior sales engineer.

\"My general strategy for the final two weeks was to pick starting quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and kickers from the teams participating in the final game, along with the defense of the eventual Super Bowl winner.\"

Players on his final roster were Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, Mike Alstott, Jerry Porter and Martin Gramatica. Although Charlie Garner was a bust, Alstott and Porter fared well as sleepers.

Correctly picking the Tampa Bay defense and slanting bonus questions towards the Bucs during the final two weeks clinched the victory.

Guidry jokingly added:

\"I had a good run in the playoff challenge because I recognized the fact that God punished the Tampa Bay Buccaneers more than enough by letting the Saints beat them twice and figured that the Bucs were destined to win the Super Bowl.

\"In closing, I would like to thank ESPN, and say to all participants in the FFLPC that I am very happy to be lucky and that I will take lucky over good every day of the week.\"

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
Brooks is a moron!! - Halo
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Well said, saintz08. Your evaluation holds true for the original bagheads. However I think Billy is right when he calls people who choose to wear bagheads in week 4 or 5 \"fans that are trying to be cute and get some attention\".
There\'s a time for wearing bags - when the team has once again played ugly football and lost to other really bad teams because the Aints beat themselves. Basically when there\'s a reason to be ashamed of being a fan of a bunch of losers. \"Here I stand, I can\'t do otherwise\" (Martin Luther, not King) They are still fans and probably will be for life, but in a situation like that they are ashamed.

Does anyone think we are there yet? Are you ashamed of the way this team played so far? Disappointed, yes. Angry, sometimes. But ashamed? No.
Looks to me like the \'03-bagheads don\'t know the history and I doubt they are season-ticket holders.

\"What is Wal-Mart? Is it like they sell wall stuff?\"
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Nocloning ,

Your thought might be stronger except for one thing . Haslett called the fans out last year at the season end . And then proceeds to put out a pathetically coached football team on the field this season so far .

Personally I look at the bagheads as a response to Hasletts statement condemming the fans of New Orleans Saints last year .
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Someone please answer me this

What is the acceptable way for a fan to show his/her displeasure with the team?

We can\'t come to a message board and bash them, cause we\'ll be called \'bandwagon\' or \'fair-weather\' fans.

We can\'t not go to the games, cause then revenue drops, and LA has a team called the Saints.

We can\'t wear bags, cause Joe Horn will be too emotionally distraught to catch footballs.


My opinion is that bagheading is a way to go to the game and visually show the organization that it is doing a poor job. Make me take off the bag. Win some friggin football games. The money I pay for the ticket should be the players\' /coaches\' motivation to do well.

My boss doesn\'t have to scream and cheer for me to do my job. Does he/she do that for the rest of you guys? I\'m sure as heck gonna find out if I\'m doing something wrong. And I don\'t get to pick the method my boss uses to let me know.

Just my thoughts.
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