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saintz08 10-12-2003 11:22 PM

Horn: "Take those damn bags off your heads and go get some groceries or something."

Did Horn just call the Bagheads out ?????

This could get ugly ........

saintz08 10-16-2003 10:48 AM


Horn would like to sack bag-head fans

Thursday October 16, 2003

By Jeff Duncan
Staff writer

Paper or plastic?

It doesn\'t matter what kind of bag Saints fans prefer, wide receiver Joe Horn wants them to know they should keep them at home.

From Our Advertiser

\"A fan doesn\'t come to the game with a bag to put on his head and boo us on the football field,\" Horn said. \"To me, that\'s not a fan. I understand how fans feel. We lose football games, and they pay their hard-earned money for those high-priced tickets. They want to see the Saints perform. I understand that. I respect that. But to put a bag over your head is insulting me as a player.\"

Horn has come under criticism since making similar comments after Sunday\'s win against Chicago and again Monday in a national radio interview. But Wednesday, he said he stood by his comments.

\"There is a difference between those fans and the ones that bring the bags,\" Horn said. \"Some fans say, \'I don\'t care if you win or lose. I\'m going to die watching you guys. I\'m not going to cut off the TV. I love you guys, win or lose.\' I love that. Those are our real fans.\"

BillyCarpenter1 10-16-2003 10:51 AM

I wish Joe Horn was a member of this board. I bet he would have a few things to tell some of you............... :mad:

saintz08 10-16-2003 10:55 AM

How he has kept focused and caught every ball thrown his way this season , would not be one of them .

saintfan 10-16-2003 11:04 AM

I doubt he\'d attempt to fault Brooks for HIS mistakes like you would 08! ;)

WhoDat 10-16-2003 12:40 PM

Sorry guys, but horn can take those comments and stick \'em up his you-know-what. Guess what Joe. WE pay your salary. We do. No fans, no NFL. No network contracts, no merchandising, no big stadiums and ridiculous contracts, nothing. Just go ask the MLS if you don\'t believe me.

Joe Horn seems to believe that his job is to play football. He\'s wrong. His job, as with all professional athletes, is to entertain. If he does that poorly, he\'s going to hear boos, he\'s going to see bagheads and empty stadiums, and it\'s all deserved. Saints fans are only different than fans everywhere else in the US in that we\'ve NEVER seen a team good enough to get past more than one post season game. Damn right we\'re fed up. Not only do our hard earned dollars pay for seats and $5 hotdogs, but now our TAX dollars do too - just putting more money in the hands of an already ridiculuosly wealthy man who has shown that he can\'t build a winner either.

If Joe Horn thinks it\'s OK for this team\'s performance to make its fans feels sick to the stomach then I think he\'s in the wrong business. Maybe he should try theatre. Otherwise Joe, if you want the fans to treat you nice, I highly recommend that you shut the hell up, start catching the damn ball, and have you and your teammates put a few wins on the board!

It still amazes me that athletes that come here knock the fans. As with New Orleans in general, we do everything to extremes. When our team is bad, we let them know it. But the same is true for when they\'re good too. I mean, the league had to make a rule back in the early 90\'s b/c it got so loud in the Dome that other teams couldn\'t call a play. Anyone remember that? When they had the decibal meters in the dome and would take timeouts away from the Saints when it got too loud? Joe, put up or shut up.

BillyCarpenter1 10-16-2003 12:50 PM

If a fan is so ashamed to be seen in the dome that he needs to wear a bag on his head, then they shouldn\'t go in the first place. The only reason they are wearing the bags this early in the season is because they just want some attention. Well, they got Horn\'s attention !! What\'s the problem?

Joe has the right to say what he thinks about the bag heads. The fans that are wearing bags are being disrespectful on purpose. The players are playing through injuries and I\'m sure they don\'t enjoy losing. But some fans like to go to extremes and they got called on it.

tweeky 10-16-2003 12:58 PM

WhoDat - Well said...
I wish I had written that!

BTW: \"ridiculuosly\" and \"decibal\" are spelled wrong ;)
Thought you\'d appreciate that.

WhoDat 10-16-2003 01:01 PM

Lemme tell you something. Joe Horn should be a little less concerned with what his fans are doing and a little more concerned about what HE and HIS TEAM are doing on the field. Joe Horn has been paid handsomely to wear black and gold for three and a quarter years now. I\'ve been paying to wear it for decades and HE wants ME to listen to HIM about this team? Joe Horn should be thanking his lucky stars he\'s in New Orleans, otherwise he\'d be wasting away riding pine in Kansas City right now.

There are a lot of fans who are right to be disappointed enough in the Saints to don a bag. Joe, shut up and play a good game, then talk about it... maybe. Or you could try being like Deuce. Quietly do your job better than just about anyone else in the league. Now there\'s a novel idea from an athlete.

BillyCarpenter1 10-16-2003 01:07 PM

WhoDat -- Your arguement is that fans pay Joe\'s salary, right? Well, opposing teams fan pay to get into the dome also. Just watch when Atlanta comes to town. Some of them will be holding signs degrading the Saints !! Can Joe comment on them?

Joe is a guy that is the last one to leave when signing autographs. This guy is a probowl player. He\'s passionate about his job. Where do you get off telling ANYone on this Saints team what to say. I\'m with Joe. Those fans are nothing but a bunch of COWARDS .+

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