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JudeThaddeus 10-13-2003 08:58 AM

Just a quick game summary
Well, the Saints won so all is right with the world. I am a little dismayed by their continued performance, but a win is a win (as I have seen posted here). I just want to call out some key things to take note of here. 1) Though the Bears have allowed an average of 168 yds of rushing per game, our back only managed 116. Deuce is one of the bests in the league, perhaps THE best as defenses everywhere are keying on him as our only weapon and he still produces. 2) There were a number of dropped balls, but there were even more badly thrown balls. 3) For the first time in my memory, the zebras actually seemed to be favoring the Saints. They even managed to give us some points (6 to be exact). 4) The Bears are a terrible team and they played a terrible game. 5) We won. So I am happy.

Here is a summary of the drives we had yesterday.
First Drive from NO 35:
29 total yards offense
15 yard on Bears Penalty (incidental contact to Brooks’ facemask, but it was legit.)
- Missed 38 yd FG

Second Drive from NO 20:
7 total yards offense
48 yard on Bears Penalty (questionable Pass Interference – no chance for Pathon to catch the ball as it was badly thrown, Pathon’s arm hook saves the interception.)
- 3 pts Saints (50 yd FG)

Third Drive from NO 15:
53 total yards
- Punt

Fourth Drive from NO 28:
5 total yards
7 yards on Bears Penalty (Pass Interference – Good call)
- Punt

Fifth Drive from NO 13:
63 total yards
- Punt

Sixth Drive from CHI 23 (off Stewart Fumble):
25 total yards
- 3 pts Saints (Referee blows the play dead, allowing FG after Smith fails to score TD. Was this a bad call by the refs? Penalty was on us, so the half SHOULD have been over. If the play was considered a "no play" then why was the clock not reset to 9?)

Seventh Drive from CHI 12 (off Stewart Fumble):
12 total yards
- 7 pts Saints (TD)

Eightth Drive from NO 20:
20 total yards
- Punt

Ninth Drive from NO 30:
70 total yards
- 7 pts Saints (TD)

Tenth Drive from CHI 46 (After OS Kick):
11 total yards
End of Game

To sum it up, we won the game. I think it reasonable to say that the zebras gave us 6, and Chicago gave us another 7. I love to win, but I am not gonna say our team is showing any signs of improvement or that we are playing "better" or even "adequate."

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