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JudeThaddeus 10-13-2003 12:20 PM

Keeping it real
I find it pretty alarming some of the things I see posted here.

On one side, we have the Brooks-haters and they will argue any excuse at all to prove that Brooks should be replaced. No matter how he plays, it is not good enough to rate an even average rating. They harp on bad throws and dont seem to notice the dropped passes. They wont give him credit for his effective scrambling to avoid the sack and get some key yardage.

On the other side are the Brooks-lovers. They argue that Brooks should be allowed to play. Its a subtle difference but an important one. They are not saying that Brooks is a great QB (with exceptions). In many cases they say that his play is not great, but they stand by him no matter what. They call up other QBs that appear statistically worse as if to say: See! We don’t have the worst QB!

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Brooks is an average NFL QB. He has great athletic ability and naturally quick feet that allow him to get out of trouble. He has a strong arm, but his accuracy is erratic. He has trouble reading defenses and gets surprised by the blitz sometimes. His play-fakes are fairly easy to see through. He has a strongly positive outlook (imagine how much worse it would be if he didnt) but his leadership skills are poor. From time to time he gets hot and we see flashes of Qbing brilliance. Other times we see truly pathetic struggling. On the balance, he is an average QB.

Does anyone really believe that Bouman would be so much better that it is worth benching Brooks? Take away the shake em up and see what happens attitude and just evaluate honestly, would Bouman do better? I think he would be about the same. The problem with this team is something deeper. It is not Brooks.

That being said, is Brooks the QB we need? Is he a complete QB? I think not. Will he make the pro-bowl or the Hall of Fame? Probably not.

Let’s all be honest here in our evaluation. Brooks-haters; Give him the credit he deserves. He is not the pail of garbage you want to make him out to be. Brook-lovers; He is not a great QB, merely an average QB whos team is having some trouble this year.

If the Saints get together as a team, then everyone will look better. However, it will be the TEAM looking better. Brooks will get all kinds of lauds from the sportswriters. Our receiving corps will be considered one of the best units in the league. Deuce will get the credit he RIGHTLY deserves. The OL will be called one of the most talented young units. Etc.

Until that time we will remain what we have been this year and what we are; a struggling team with many, many weaknesses. But keep in mind, even the struggling team can get hot. Thats what I am hoping for.

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[Edited on 13/10/2003 by JudeThaddeus]

SaintScott25 10-13-2003 04:42 PM

Keeping it real
Brooks has his on days & off days. But this season hasn\'t been totally his fault. Even once sure handed guys like Joe Horn have been erratic at best. Alot of blame should go on McCarthy, too. He hasn\'t allowed Brooks to throw like last year and allow himself to get in a rhythm. When Brooks gets in a Rhythm he is VERY good and really take this offense far. I think Brooks haters, or a big part of them were really just Jake fans. I\'m a HUGE Jake fan, and will remain one. The thing is we Have Brooks, and I believe he is alot better than Todd Bouman. If the recievers get rid of the butterfingers and the playcalling returns more along the lines of last season, Brooks can be more than good enough to turn the offense around! I\'ve been a Saints Fan all my life, gotta keep the faith!!

seraph33 10-13-2003 05:27 PM

Keeping it real
Very excellent post. Very rational and points were well formulated. I think everyone on this board can appreciate this post.

I agree with you that Brooks shouldn\'t be replaced. Bouman looked so good against the Colts cus they went prevent in the 4th. Brooks gives us the best chance to win right now; however, I believe that if the season continues as is and Brooks does not IMPROVE (which is something he really hasn\'t done since becoming the starter in my opinion) then we should draft a QB. I know if we want to win right now, a rookie doesn\'t really give us much, but I think for the better of the Saints in the future we should finally draft a franchise QB. I\'m not saying Eli, but i want a franchise QB so that it is something we don\'t have to even touch for the next 10 years. Right now Brooks just leaves too much to be desired and hasn\'t proven to be that solid answer to our QB position. Coaching as well is leaving much to be desire as well. I\'m not sure if Haslett can get the job done anymore. I remember how firey he was in his 1st season. He was always getting on players. Now he looks almost depressed on the sidelines. That\'s not what a team that\'s losing and is on the ropes needs. He needs to get back some of that fire and not be afraid to change things around.

Again excellent post.

saintfan 10-13-2003 08:22 PM

Keeping it real

Coaching as well is leaving much to be desire as well
From the department of redundancy department...LOL

Sorry, I couldn\'t resist.


saintz08 10-13-2003 10:12 PM

Keeping it real
They wont give him credit for his effective scrambling to avoid the sack and get some key yardage.

We do not always mention it was probably his misread that caused him to have to scramble for his life . Or when he shifts the formation and forgets to check over the defense , leaving some defensive end blowing snot bubbles over the fact he gets a clear shot at Brooks ......Which by the way Brooks remains clueless on til the defensive end drives him into the turf ......

Bouman might be a hard line mistake to replace Brooks . Brooks would be a good quarterback in the Vikings system , Bouman is from the Vikings system . J.T. O Sullivan would be one to look at in the West Coast system .

Haslett has this thing for these strong armed quarterbacks , because a couple of them shredded his defense in Pittsburgh when he was a coordinator there . Of course this is the same person who cut Bulger too .....

Haslett goes out and installs the west coast offense in New Orleans , an offense designed for a medium range precision passer , who makes quick reads on a 3-5 step drop and throws to a spot on the field .Then puts in a quarterback who has trouble reading defenses and fires laser guided missles to a fixed position receiver.

Add the offensive scheme to the personel playing it with last years passion for 2 point conversions for no apparent reason and his general loss of control in December and you might be on to something ......

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JudeThaddeus 10-14-2003 08:32 AM

Keeping it real
OH YEAH! Well.....uh..... BUT!....

I can\'t argue with anything you just said. I agree with it all.

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