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Halo 08-13-2010 02:04 PM

After Patriots preseason nothing to worry about for Saints
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Brian Allee-Walsh write: Read my lips - there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Really, there is nothing to worry about. Your New Orleans Saints will get their act together in time for the regular season.

It merely was the first of four preseason games that will long be forgotten by the time their nationally-televised date with the Minnesota Vikings rolls around the night of Sept. 9 at the Superdome (7:30 p.m., NBC).

Now, Iíd be worried if Sean Payton and Drew Brees resumed their book-signing tours next week. Or, if team officials tried to schedule more visits with heads of state this month. Or, if the city of New Orleans threw a parade every time the face of a Saints player appeared on the front of a video game. Or, if players kept getting streets named after them in their hometowns deep into the season.

Then, Iíd be worried.

Iíd be worried if the 2010 New Orleans Saints - the team that hasnít done a darn thing yet as far as I can tell - truly believed they are as good as Planet Who Dat thinks they are.

But thatís not the case.

Worried? Not me. Iím not the worrying kind. Then again, I donít have a vested interest in trying to fulfill the lofty expectations of Team 2Dat, or attempting to defend the franchiseís first-ever NFL championship.

Hereís what would make me worry...

SapperSaint 08-13-2010 02:35 PM

The only time I worry is when players start getting hurt in preseason games and when Special teams forgets how to tackle.

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