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SaintScott25 10-13-2003 04:24 PM

Thoughts on Yesterday
There were some positives yesterday. The D played alot better, eventhough they weren't playing the best offensive team. Dale Carter was great yesterday! Coming back earlier than anticipated, he shut down his side of the field!! I still don't think this team will hit it's stride until McCarthy goes back to what he's done since he's been here till this year. What made him change his philosophy? After seeing some of thoseplay calls I was looking for Carl Smith wearing a headset on the sideline! Sure Deuce had over 100, but at an avg. of 4/carry, if that, that's not THAT impressive. The passing game is what set up his big holes last year. This is NOT a grind it out running team. I still believe that this team can turn things around if the D continues to get healthy & improve AND last year's offense resurfaces!! IF both of those happen, this can still be a dangerous team.


BillyCarpenter1 10-13-2003 04:35 PM

Thoughts on Yesterday
Scott --

I agree with everything you said. I was begining to wonder if I was getting a different Saints game over here in Biloxi. To listen to some fans you would swear everyone other than Deuce had a bad game yesterday.

I also agreee that McCarthy has a different scheme for this offense this year. The offense formations that he is putting on the field are nothing like the ones last year. Until that changes, everyone can forget about this offense returning to last years form. It might be the same players out there, but it\'s a totally different approach.

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