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TheOriginalSwampdog 10-15-2003 10:14 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
I have written old Tommy Boy on a few occasions, always to get a response. I will let you guys know what he says.

Dear Tom Benson,

Mr. Benson, first let me say that I believe you are doing everything in your power to make this team succeed. Your record speaks for itself and I applaud the things you are doing to make this team a winner. That being said, I hope you will give me just a few seconds of your time. I am by no means a G.M. of a NFL team, but I know the team and I know the personnel we have. I was hoping you would listen to a few of my ideas.I have mapped out a detailed synopsis on how to get his team on the right track.Granted, some things would have to fall into place for some of these ideas to transpire,but I believe most of these objectives could be achieved with a great probability of success. Please keep in mind, these changes would be made after this season. They are as follows:

1)Release Jim Haslett. While I feel Jim will eventually be a good head coach, he has not established a set scheme that works and he is struggling trying to solve our problems.His inability to “right the ship� after 2 non playoff season has sealed his fate. We have an offensive team that can be compared to a Ferrari and it’s being driven by a coach who can’t figure out how to “open it up� so to speak. Haslett’s inability to motivate or challenge both McCarthy and the offensive team as a whole is inexcusable.

2)Trade Aaron Brooks. Aaron is actually regressing and has not seized the reigns as a leader of this team. His carefree attitude is one of the reasons this team is struggling to find a true identity. I will not bore you with my reason that I feel Brooks is not “our� guy, but I will say he has a poor win/loss record and his attitude leaves MUCH to be desired.

3)Hire Al Saunders (KC Chiefs Offensive Coordinator) as head coach. This guy has a PROVEN system that produces results. He has worked with both the Rams and Chiefs offenses and can unlock our stuttering offensive problems. He has learned under one of the best in Vermeil and deserves a legitimate shot to run a team. Saunders has led his squads to top rankings in both the NFC and AFC. The same can not be said for our current head coach Jim Haslett.

4) Sign Kurt Warner if he is released. He wants a change and knows Saunders’ offense in and out. I would not, however, make a trade unless it is a number 2 pick or lower. Warner can still play and could be a mentor to our younger qbs. Which leads me to this next move.

5) DRAFT ELI MANNING AT ALL COSTS! We are in desperate need of a franchise qb and Manning is it. Besides the talent he would bring, the money he would generate from merchandise such as jerseys etc would greatly enhance our financial standings. If a deal can be made for Warner, Manning can learn from an MVP while also learning the ins and outs of Saunders offense. If, for any reason, Warner fails, the ball can be given to our future star. He can learn on the job if nothing else. I will not mention how much the fans of this city would LOVE having Archie’s son on our team. It would be fate that a Manning would finally lead us to where this team has dreamed of being since it’s inception.

6) We must not make the same mistakes we have under Jim Haslett by not drafting LB’s and secondary personnel. Saunders will take control of our offense and get the maximum out of players such as Duece, Donte, Joe and Ernie. The defense needs to address this issue if we are to ever achieve success and that can only be done by acquiring young talent in this area.

As you can see, these would be major moves, but moves that are not out of the realm of possibility. I see this as the best possible scenario for all parties concerned. First, for the players who would get a coach and 2 qb’s they can follow and believe in. Secondly, the fans would finally have some players and a staff that they can honestly say gives them the best chance for winning seasons. Lastly, for you. Noone deserves a contender more than you Mr. Benson and I will GUARANTEE you, that if you make, at least, The Saunders and Eli Manning moves, you can not go wrong. Please, don’t think of this as crazy ramblings from a fanatical fan. Sometimes ideas from an outside source can be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for you time, I appreciate it.

[Edited on 15/10/2003 by TheOriginalSwampdog]

[Edited on 15/10/2003 by TheOriginalSwampdog]

BillytheSaint 10-15-2003 08:33 PM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
A very interesting perspective. Offensive guru, a Manning, and a better D. Only the Kurt Warner thing bothers me. I was shocked that McCarthy was back this year, I thought he \"proved\" himself last year. I feel He is the principal reason for our lack luster performance poor planning and execution. Haslet\'s disapointment is that he\'s not motivating the guys to excell. Venturi doesn\'t bother me all that much except when the D isn\'t performing it looks really bad.... like they are confused. I don\'t mind when one athlete out performs another but when we just blow it, it is sickening. I\'m sure with some time that things will gell more and more but this is the NFL and this team should have been ready to hit the field right from the start. I give Haz one more year, fire McCarthy, draft/acquire some D and trade for an unquestionably competant QB. trade Brooks to the AFC for some pics. Whoever comes in to replace OC should call plays that are more sophisticated. The opposing D should be beaten in the huddle prior to running the play.

I have an idea.... refund ticket price for every home loss !!!

frankeefrank 10-16-2003 12:34 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
Bravo for the effort. You are a Fan of this team and that is great.
I like your ideas, but it\'s too much of a change. Arguably this team is ready for a deep play-off run... So a head caoching change might get it over the hump. AB can win in this league... with the right motivation. Trading a guy after he\'s had a bad year get\'s you nothign in return. Time and time again the league has shown us that. I know it\'s frustrating when we are lsoing and AB looks like he\'s picturing his bank statement. But, blame Has! I hate to pile on BLEACHY but, right now it loks as if he picked the wrong guy to lead this team.
AB isn\'t worse than Quincy Carter, QC just has the right leader right now.
Don\'t agree? What happened at the end of the first half against CHI is all the proof I need that this team is a Semi- with no one at teh wheel.
Check the stats, Deuce is among hte leaders... AB\'s number\'s don\'t look bad next to everyone else\'s, and the D is near the middle of the pack. Where as numbers don\'t lie... These paint a picture as if we are either a team ready to open up, or a team that just can\'t seem to make the plays when they count in games. I think it\'s a little of both.

frankeefrank 10-16-2003 12:36 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
p.s. I am not an ELI MANNING guy...
I don\'t like drafting a QB high at all regardless of who he is. Like you said in your letter, we need LB\'s and DB\'s
Manning is neither.
The Future is now!
Ask Randy Meuller

subguy 10-17-2003 07:33 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
Besides Warner has a butt ugly wife.

deadflatbird 10-17-2003 08:24 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
Well there are major problems with your letter:
Haslett probably won\'t be gone... look the the Saints to rebound. The most dramatic thing that will happen is that Venturi will be replaced and I would love Eli Manning to come in but he isn\'t a francise QB. Brooks will not be traded, hell can you imagine him coming to the dome to pick arpart our defense... anyways. There isn\'t a such thing as a francise qb. Look around the league, there is 2 qb\'s that can fit that mold. Francise qb\'s will never be benched if they are having a bad day. Farve and Manning, everyone else give them a couple of bad games and they are gone.
Why draft a DB or LB if they are not capable of coming in and contributing??? If the talent isn\'t in the draft, don\'t waste the pick on that. They have done very well in the draft and you don\'t usually feel the effects of a draft for 2-3 years in order to say this past was was good are great.
Venturi needs to go, his defensive schemes, and plays are of high school grade. Watch the way they line up and don\'t disguse what they are doing. Winning high school teams would not line the LB\'s back of the endzone on first and goal on the 2 crazy! You can have all the talent in the world but if you don\'t have the right scheme and put the players into position to make the play you will be beat. You can\'t expect Fred Thomas to chase the opponets best WR all day and not get beat. You help out and don\'t put your players into a position like that mix up coverages!

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-17-2003 08:43 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
Yeah, those lb/secondary personnel we drafted sure are playing like champs. Keyou Craver, James Allen, Sed Hodge, Mike Hawthorne, Cie Grant and Mel Mitchell are burning a trail to glory right now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You mean to tell me Cie Grant is a better lb than say, Brady James who was rated WAY higher. Haz is a clown and so is Venturi. Eli Manning will be the number one rated qb in the draft and go in the first 4 picks. If that\'s not a franchise qb, I don\'t know what is. Brooks is going backwards not forwards. Tell you what, we go 3-13 that I think we will, and Benson brings Haz back, that\'s it for me. I\'m done.

BlackandBlue 10-17-2003 09:09 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.

You mean to tell me Cie Grant is a better lb than say, Brady James who was rated WAY higher.
Technically you\'re wrong. Draft day, there was more talk about Grant than James. Not to say that Grant is better than James, only time will tell. But I know for a fact that New Orleans wasn\'t the only franchise that had Grant high up on thier draft board.

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-17-2003 09:20 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.
Aha B and B, but MANY teams had him rated as a safety. Certainly we were the ONLY team that had him as a MLB prospect. That makes NO sense to me at all.

lumm0x 10-17-2003 11:57 AM

My letter to Tom Benson that was mailed today.

Aha B and B, but MANY teams had him rated as a safety. Certainly we were the ONLY team that had him as a MLB prospect. That makes NO sense to me at all.
Many teams had Urlacher rated as a safety as well. There have been alot of \"hybrid\" players that get multiple position options. Just because one guys board has Suggs as a DE, another can have him as OLB. Neither are wrong. Urlacher may have been able to trim down and be full-time safety in this league. Archuleta may have been able to bulk up and be a LB. Why doesn\'t it make sense. If he has the frame to add bulk and the speed to be one of the fastest LBers in the game this would make sense to me. Who wouldn\'t want a guy that has experience playing three vastly different defensive positions. I would love a MLB with safety speed, corner coverage ability and LBer size. The question is will it pan out?

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