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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Oh No -- beginners luck out of the blue. I remember that happening to a pine splintered assed player named Brooks when the 1st stringer named Blake got hurt. I pray I\'m wrong -- alot will depend on the OL ...

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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Oh No -- beginners luck out of the blue. I remember that happening to a pine splintered assed player named Brooks when the 1st stringer named Blake got hurt. I pray I\'m wrong -- alot will depend on the OL Billy spoke about.
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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Falcons vs. Saints Game Center

Thursday, October 16:

Quarterback Kurt Kittner on Wednesday’s practice:
“It went well. We came out with the same approach to practice. It was a little shorter because of the short week, but I think we came out and practiced well and took a step in the right direction for this weekend.�

Kittner on what he did after practice:
“I went home and studied as much as I could. I’ve got the game plan memorized and I’m taking the same approach. Obviously, there’s a little more of a sense of urgency because I’m staring this week and it’s a big game. I’m going out there and I have the same goal as everyone else and that’s trying to get a win, whatever it takes.�

Kittner on whether he knew about being named starter before he came in on Wednesday:
“Not really. I came in early, watched some film beforehand and found out before the team meeting. I’m excited for the opportunity that I have and I need to make the most of it. They don’t come around too often. I need to make sure I go out and play well.�

Kittner on what is currently going through his mind:
“You’ve got a lot of stuff. Most of the plays that we have in this week are plays that we’ve run before in practice, preseason and passing camp. They’re things that I’m used to. There’s a little added pressure this week, but I’m going into it just trying to prepare and play within myself and get a win.�

Kittner on how much the coaches are putting in the game plan for his first start:
“We’re staying basic and within my abilities. Right now, we’re just trying to go out and get a win. We’ve put in a lot of plays that we know we’re good at and we need to go out and execute. New Orleans has seen the stuff that we’re going to run and we’re going to go out and execute.�

Kittner on the New Orleans defense:
“By watching film, you see that the run game does well (against them). It starts off in the beginning getting two or three yards, but in the second half, those turn into 10-plus yard runs. What we’re trying to do is go out and do the things we do well: run the football, take control of the offense and then take care of the football in the passing game. My job is to feed the players that make plays.�

Kittner on how having Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett aids him:
“They’ve been doing a great job. T.J. has been pounding the ball lately and Warrick is definitely a good scat back; he makes people miss and he’s a great weapon to have in the passing game. Hopefully we can use both of those guys this week to do all the stuff that they can; they can definitely help us.�

Kittner on what he doesn’t want to hear from the media the day after the game:
“I’m just worried about myself and I’m going to go out and play within myself and use the checkdowns, throw the ball away when it needs to be throw away and take care of the football. I don’t really care about all that stuff (media talk). As long as we get a W on the board, it doesn’t really matter.�

Kittner on what his prior two appearances this year say about his abilities:
“I don’t think much. That stuff is at the end of games. Obviously, there are some things I can do better, but I think I’m starting off on a clean slate this week going in starting the game. I’m going to go out and distribute the ball and be a game manager and do whatever I need to do to get us a win.�

Kittner on what advice Mike Vick and Doug Johnson have had for him:
“They just say go out and play well. We all have the same goal and that’s to get our next win and build on that. They just encourage me to go out there and play. There are little things here and there that Mike has seen because he played them last year both times. We’re going out there and preparing. They’re personnel is a little different than it was last year, but we’re trying to go out there and get our next win.�

Kittner on how he’s going to feel prior to game time on Sunday:
“If you’re not nervous for a football game, there’s something wrong. But I think after the first series or first snap it’s pretty much over and you just go out and play after that. There is going to be a little nervousness, but I’ll play through it.�

Kittner on how he felt before his first start at Illinois:
“Obviously I was nervous, but that’s the way it goes and I played through it and had a decent game.�
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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Sounds like he has very little respect for our run defense, but then again, why should he? Ruff and the gang need to step it up this week. I get the feeling if we stop the dirtybirds from running the ball w ewin this game going away.
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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Reeves plan will be to pound the run game with Duckett.


If we can get up on them early, they will have to abandon the ground game and air it out. We\'ll eat this kid alive. McCarthy must ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

Anybody think Ambrose might be a little extra motivated for this game?
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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Kittner on what is currently going through his mind?

Here\'s what i\'d like to see going through Kittners mind Sunday. His ASS!
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Kittner to start at QB against Saints

Good News....I think the Saints job just got easier......why not.......i don\'t expect a Kurt Warner coming out party out of Kittner.
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