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seraph33 10-16-2003 11:28 PM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
best team that money can buy. I don't understand why all these great players in baseball flock the that organization. I never understood the can't beat them join them philosophy. If I were a pro athlete I would want to take down a team like that. It would be my mission. Same thing with the Lakers, same thing with the Rams a few years back. I can't stand Dynastys and the Yankees are the worst of all cus it's all based off of greed. They have the biggest market and can afford to pay players more than other teams. Basically they buy themselves a championship every offseason and that cheapens it don't you think. Maybe I'm just an underdog guy, but i can't stand that team.

deadflatbird 10-17-2003 08:10 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
does the yankee\'s wear black and gold???

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-17-2003 09:29 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
I couldn\'t agree more. Until MLB gets a REAL cap in place, the sorry ass Yankees will continue to dominate. See, winning breeds winning. That\'s the thing that Tom Benson and Jim Haslett don\'t understand. When you win, players want to be a part of it, season tickets sales are only on a waiting list and merchadise sold is through the roof. Tom Benson thinks he should get all those things JUST because he has a team. Sorry pal, it doesn\'t work like that. I\'m with you though, I hate the f\'n Yankees. They are everything that\'s wrong with pro sporst today. I do understand the players wanting to go there. They want a ring and that\'s the best way to get it.

rich006 10-17-2003 09:43 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
At least now that the Sox and Cubs are out of it, I can stop wasting time watching baseball, and concentrate on football. :)

canucksaint 10-17-2003 09:53 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
MLB is too screwed up. They need a true cap. They also need to look at profit sharing. The NFL is the best run pro organization, and you can tell that by the lack of dynasty teams. That is not to say that there haven’t been any dynasty teams, but meaning that even one of the worst teams (or losing season) last year can be a great this year (see Seahawks or Panthers). The problem with MLB is that teams like the Yankee’s/Braves/ect. can out bid other teams that don’t have the money (ie Expos/ Twins/Jays) and they don’t have a cap. Compare the salaries of the Yankee’s in 1999 (sorry most up to date stats I could quickly find ) which is Total 1999 payroll: $85,034,692 compaired to the Montreal Expos ( ) which is Total 1999 payroll: $16,175,500.
No wonder there is such a discrepancy in MLB. It doesn’t allow a fair playing field for all the teams. Hence the reason I don’t like MLB.

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-17-2003 10:10 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
Right on Canuck. MLB should do something to make more parity in their league. I mean, think of this. The reason why ratings have been so high is because of the lovable losers Cubs and Sox being in the penant races. That and they went 7 games, but you get my drift. The country was riveted because we love the underdog. As much as I love the Braves, it wouldn\'t have been as interesting a NLCS if it weren\'t for the Cubs. For that matter the Marlings as well. I can almost guarantee you the ratings would not have been near as high had it been Atlanta and San Fran. MLB needs to find a way to make the \"little guys\" more competitive year in and year out.

deadflatbird 10-17-2003 10:35 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
I still like the Astro\'s...

saintfan 10-17-2003 10:52 AM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
What Baseball needs it isn\'t likey to get. The players Union is the stongest Union in pro Sports by FAR, and the owners have only themselves to blame. Baseball is a great game, but if anyone is a fault for the current situation (See the Yankees) it\'s the players. Everytime they strike the owners eventually give in. Not that the owners are without fault, but they have attempted to \"cap\" things to a degree and the players union won\'t allow it. Players like A Rod, Tom Galvine, Roger Clemens, Jaon Giambi, etc, etc hold smaller teams ransom and bail for bigger money. There are a handful of owners who facilitate this highway robbery and so the cycle continues. The ONLY way baseball will EVER get the salaray cap it so desperately needs is when, the next time the players go on strike (and they will), the owners must NOT cave in. The problem is they WILL cave in, because they always cave in.

Personally, I\'d be willing to watch minor league baseball for as long as it takes. The problem is people won\'t fill up staduims for minor league baseball. If those of us that buy tickets would support the minor leagues more by showing up next time the big boys strike we might see some change...

Ultimately baseball needs a comish that isn\'t a puppet for either side. Baseball needs someone to step up to the plate in the name of the game...not in the name of players or owners. I\'ve heard talk about Bob Costas in that position, and I\'m not so sure it wouldn\'t work.

progress 10-17-2003 05:20 PM

I ^*($%#@ HATE the yankees
I bet the fans in New York have no problem with the Yanks, and I would have no problem with the Saints buying a championship every year. Sure the Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball, but i\'d be willing to bet that 50 % is going to guys that aren\'t even playing for them right now (i.e. mondesi). As a matter of fact, I disagree that the Yankees buy a championship, I think they buy a trip to the postseason. The championships are won with confidence and heart. Guys like Scott Brosious and Tino Martinez were their fair market value, but they came through. The Yankees are about winning, and who wouldn\'t want to play for a team that believes it will win, instead of a team that believes that they will lose no matter what they do (i.e. the red sox\'s and the cubs). Steinbrenner maybe a whiner, but he puts the money he makes off of the Yankees back into the Yankees, whereas most owners are always worried about profit. (i.e. L.A. Clippers) As far as the Lakers go, they have won with Shaq and Kobe. The NBA has a cap, and until this year (when Malone and Payton signed just to try to win a championship), the lakers were probably only the fifth most talented (all around) team in the league. As far as the Rams go, I hate them because I am a saints fan. However, they didn\'t become a dynasty and never have been so I am not sure why they were thown in the mix. Nevertheless, Dick Vermeil did a great job with them and he is proving his worth again in Kansas City.

And as stupid as it sounds, which dead Yankee great tripped Kevin Millar last night?

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