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I don't want to jinx it...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; but, damn, I may just be an optimist at this point. After the loss to Carolina I went on the record (yeah, go look it up) saying I thought the Saints could and would be 4-4 after their next three. ...

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I don't want to jinx it...

but, damn, I may just be an optimist at this point. After the loss to Carolina I went on the record (yeah, go look it up) saying I thought the Saints could and would be 4-4 after their next three. Now, it looks like everything is falling into place.

I knew that a couple of confidence building games against the Bears and Falcons could get our O back on track. The Bears game was shaky and I was not pleased, as many others on this board, but I kept thinking - it's a win. It gets us one step closer and helps turn the tide. Now, finally, the offense clicks. Yeah, it was the worst defense in the league, but I DON't care what anyone says, a corner was turned.

The defense still has a ways to go. 17 points to a bad Atlanta team is not good. We gave up as many to the damn Bears also. Still, a corner has been turned.

I also believed, and still do, that Carolina was/is playing over their heads. Yeah, they were 5-0, but other than Tampa, had they beaten anybody? OK, Indy was impressive, but that just made me feel even more strongly that they were in for a let down and a losing streak. That team is very beatable. If we can jump out against them next week like we did today (after Atlanta's initial score), they'll have no chance coming back.

I also wanted to see Tampa show that they were well off of last year's performance. I thought that the come back by Indy might be the turning point for that team. Losing to the 49ers. They're a Jeckle and Hide team this year. They can play like champions one week and chumps the next.

I don't know boys. I think a corner may have been turned today. Right now we're 0-for against teams with winning records and 3-0 against teams with losing records. The Carolina game is a time to prove we're back. Our next two are going to be tough. If we can find a way to win those two, I will firmly believe that we are play-off bound. Right now, it's hard not to feel a little excited at the posibilities. We're almost right back in the hunt. And I don't want to jinx it by being optimistic just yet, so I'll just say, Go Saints Go.
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I don't want to jinx it...

sorry wd, i already jinxed it.................
i felt we shoulda beat the panthers the first game also..
i\'ve always believed this offense shoulda been able to score at will.....
although we beat bad teams, we\'ve held those teams to less than 20 pts and that\'s 2 more than all of last yr.........(in wins of course)
if we can jump out front early, something we have\'nt been able to do, we can win a lot more games........
put the points on the board and the wins will come......
now, bring on carolina................smitty
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I don't want to jinx it...

WhoDat -- Good post.

There were some that thought this team didn\'t have a chance even before the season started. There were some like myself that thought we would be one of the top teams in the league. At this point, I think the only thing we know about this team is we don\'t know too much. Just when you think you have this team figured out they do the unexpected. Last year it looked as if we were playoff bound and then the collapse. This year we looked like the worst team in the league in the beginning. Now, we show some signs of hope.

We certainly haven\'t proved that we are a legitimate playoff contender, but considering the \"doom and gloom\" outlook a few weaks ago, there is much more reason to be optimistic about this team. I think anyone who isn\'t just a little optimistic is just a very negitive person.

There were several conclusions that some jumped to that were a bit premature. For instance:

1. Orlando Ruff was a bust? (maybe not)
2. The players quit on the coaches. (nope)
3. The season was over. (not yet)
4. Coaches need to be fired ( we\'ll see)

Regardless of how any of those things turn out, in this crazy NFL, anything can happen and usually does. I\'m a little more optimistic than most but I believe if we can get back to .500 we have a very good chance of finishing strong and maybe rolling into the playoffs with some momentem.
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I don't want to jinx it...

Don\'t look now, but Carolina and TB are both very beatable. TB\'s defense got walked all over by SF yesterday (a good but not great offense), and the TB offense didn\'t look good either. Without a good passing game, Carolina will struggle when they get behind early against a team with a good defense. The question for next week is whether the Saints can create that situation. Can the Saints\' D continue to improve enough to qualify as a \"good\" defense? I think they can be good enough to stop JD and the Panthers. Can AB can lead the Saints to a couple of scores early against a very good defense like he did yesterday against a very bad defense? I know he CAN, the real question is whether he WILL. I hope so.

AB definitely played well yesterday, but my main complaint with him has always been inconsistency and leadership. Let\'s hope he can stay on a roll. If so, the Saints can easily be 5-4 in a couple of weeks, and in the thick of the division title race.

Whether TB brings their Jekyll game or their Hyde game won\'t matter, if our offense can execute like they did yesterday and the defense continues to improve.

I know we shouldn\'t look too far ahead (I hope the Saints\' players and coaches aren\'t), but high hopes are just part of being a Saints fan.

"I'm going back to New Orleans, to wear that ball and chain."
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